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Ides of March E-mail

One feature of affinity to the polished and humane Caesar

Former Dewey LeBoeuf partner John Altorelli stands before the Senate and shouts: "I come to praise Caesar"
To which BankruptcyMisconduct suggests:

"Beware the Ides of March"

All great leaders are judged upon their handling of the cards with which they have been dealt. So Cast your vote below on Steven H. Davis, the guy in charge at Dewey & LeBoeuf.

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While leaders of nations have no choice in the geography, natural resources, and pre-existing conditions of its peoples and culture - modern sports teams are much different. It is the careful selection, negotiations, training, support, and adjustments made in the management of a team that determine success.

How telling that Football, the quintessential game of American competition, has spawned a magnificent multi-party game for sports fans. Fantasy Football is big business because it allows regular folk to make the kinds of decisions which we have come to recognize are fundamental to the success of any organization. And let us not pooh pooh games, as game theory is the fundamental enhancement which saves the otherwise impotent observation fetish of a past time called Economics, that neo-science saddled with an emphasis on static thinking, and a propensity for employment as pimp to ideology. But we digress.


Our point is that we all understand that team building is the most important element to any competitive game. (Anyone who believes that the business of BigLaw is anything more than a game should pass the Dutchie.)

And so from time to time, we pause to assess our dear leaders. How do you build a team? Eliot Spitzer's business associates (with whom he had a long relationship whilst engaging in money laundering) certainly have one perspective in the context of prostitution. Who amongst you hasn't pondered that $4,000 per hour rate? (Keep that Dutchie moving if you think Lou Posner was not your brother.)

OK, the business of Prostition Law has a some basic truths:

Pay top producers more. Pay the hardest workers more.

But there are a few basic rules that you should have learned in Kindergarten:

  • Don't siphon money from loyal partners to pay some newcomers just because you couldn't negotiate yourself out of a wet paper bag.
  • Don't take money from your loyal base just because a greedy cadre in power want to live the life of Dreier.
  • Don't force your brothers and sisters to bail out criminals, and their managerial co-conspirators, operating within your own walls.
  • Don't invite new flee infested dogs, with blatant criminal lingerings, to join so that they lie amongst your family.