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Catch The Whiff

"Nothing distinguishes pension debt in a municipal bankruptcy case from any other debt.
                                                                            - Judge Zippy (The Pinhead)

Hey, wake up you victims.  You are about to have a plate of poop plopped in front of you, and those high priced lawyers pretending to fight for your representatives are a large part of your problem.

Which Side Does "Your" Lawyer Really Work For?

Truth is: the Pensioneers and Unions, the true Victims of Detroit, are being "led on a wild goose chase" of absurd and impossibly helpful legal challenges.  Sure, it's quite expensive (and thus profitable) for the lawyers pretending to oppose Jones Day by pursuing these Quixotic Quests.  Just understand that the wet blanket provided by these lawyers are most directly benefiting the dirty lawyers at Jones Day.

The Pensioneers and the Unions have all been led around a wild goose chase, their representatives sickeningly failing their fiduciary duties as they were distracted by "the brotherhood".  This brotherhood of Lawyers have long ago realized that their personal best interests is to create a Alice-In-Wonderland playing field where their brothers are always enriched as their respective clients foot the bills.  And yet we are still amazed at how blatantly the BigLaw firms routinely violate ethical codes and criminal laws in their selfish pursuit of greed, because their evilly and selfishly established lop-sided laws favoring the legal industry above the productive economy, as well as their absurd self-regulated secretive ethical neo-enforcement charade would have been enough of a cover to let the most voracious pigs engorge upon societies unfortunate bleed of efficiency.  Alas, the Hogs' lust disgustingly violated even the most liberally constructed restrictions upon the profession.  Conflict Of Interest violations and false sworn oaths continue to blacken the nearly unbridled profession.

While George Bernard Shaw said that “All professions are conspiracies against the laity”, readers might need to research Donatien Alphonse François to get a more appropriate quote for the demon seed and the depths some lawyers traitorous deceit.  So all the while good money has been thrown down the holes of "We'll fight the Constitutionality of bankruptcy" & "They didn't negotiate with us in good faith" time has been wasted while Jones Day continued to honor their oft secret clients of Christmas Past, Present, and Future.  Victims will never stand a chance across the table from financial institutions and Hedge Fund Clients who funnel huge sums of cash to the industry.  The best, and perhaps only opportunity, for the Victims to strike back is to go after the known dirty track record of the lawyers who place the financial firms ahead of City Workers.

The Best Defense Is A Good Offense

BankruptcyMisconduct doesn't want to beat up these City workers any more than they have been, and will be, by the dirty Jones Day lawyers and their mole Kevyn Orr.  It's just not constructive to dwell on "told you so" criticism when it's not completely over yet.  It's not too late for the Detroit Victims' Reps to order their counsel to focus on the prize, to combat Jones Day themselves, to oppose Conflict Of Interest and demand that officially noble purpose and responsibilities of Pro Hac Vice, and it's related sworn disclosures, are upheld.

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And portends next year's Jolly

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