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Debevoise & Plimpton

Bold and Brazenly going where no Prudent Man hath gone before...

Oh no you didn't!

You hired a fabulously Crooked Lawyer who caused his buddy Bruce Bennett's firm to implode, bringing a clould of shame with them as they jumped ship, which brought ugly attention to their new shop Dewey LeBoeuf, which immediately imploded as well.

Only a BigLaw #DemiseWish would cause them to catch a falling knife

Funny thing about Karma and 20/20 Hindsight, not at all analagous to the Chicken and the Egg thang.

And who wouldn't like to take a peak at Exhibit EE? Shouldn't be hard to find, cause it ain't just google that's your friend when on the hunt for proof of crooked lawyers running amuck.

Did Debevoise read the BankruptcyMisconduct page on Jones Day Swallowing the Demon Seed before Just Did Something Rash.

Just a moment in time, or as any particular timeline might show, an entire series of points

Amongst a series of promises to the contrary to the Court - Sidney Levinson schemed with his Conflicted Client Claims Trader

Stewart from 'the Family Guy' is excited to see when even a die hard defender of a crooked dirty disbarred pedophile isn't able to muster a defense for some crooked lawyers.

Debevoise and Plimpton hire Crooked Lawyers with Document Fabrication on their resume