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Just as BankruptcyMisconduct was getting some of the highest traffic in our history, someone hacked our server and took our site down. Maybe we should have paid more attention to that tip about out our site being censored in the Italian offices?

Dewey have a clue, who?

Of course we do! Who else would be so sleazy, so narcissistic, so fiendishly dishonorable even for your average bankruptcy attorney...

It seems that the Bankruptcy Pimp simply can't bear the thought of losing the top spot in our Most Popular section on our frontpage. It seems fairly easy to predict that Dewey LeBoeuf will earn our "most popular" spot with the additional visitors we can expect after just a few more partner defections. Perhaps even an implosion is on the horizon. Yes, it seems certain that Big Daddy Lou will be forced into the number 2 slot.

It's mid April, and we predict that the Dewey LeBozo's will jump ahead of Mr. Posner before the flowers bloom of May 2012.