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De-Equitization is the euphemism employed as the titanic sinks: the "Big LIe" financial fraud that is the Fee Pyramid that created and sustained Biglaw is unraveling.

Blame greed, blame your family & guidance counselors who convinced you that law was a path to riches, as if arguing over other peoples success (and failures!) would ever somehow entitle you to similar rewards. Blame it on the internet, blame it on Globalization, blame it on AI.

Blame it on the freakin' Boss Nova if it makes you feel better, you're time is up BigLaw

The reign of BigLaw is approaching a fundamental downsizing, if not an entire reorganization. The self-centered belief that Lawyers should be entitled to similar, or a percentage of, the rewards of productive members of society is revealing itself a false. Lawyers unlucky enough to find themselves a part of the unraveling can choose to fight for the dwindling market share, be used and abused, or do the right thing. Document and report the criminality which pervades the corrupted practise of law in the USA.

To be sure, it ain't just MoFo's who are cookin' the books to milk the richest drop for soon to be exiting partners, at the expense of all juniors. But you'd think the lesser folk would have learned from the example of Dewey LeBoeuf ...