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EthicsGate is proving that Corruption has dominated the highest courts in the U.S.A.

BankruptcyMisconduct has been warning of the dangers posed by our foolish reliance on the self regulation mythology, and how the Neo-Mafia has transformed much of our legal system into a profiteering weapon illicitly employed to defend their criminal associates and to attack those who dared to oppose their treason.

Surprise of surprises, Andrew Cuomo is once again found to be lacking in his public office, failing to combat corruption, failing to bring important criminals to justice, failing to combat the Neo-Mafia, and seeming like a friend to Organized Crime.

Hey Andrew, are you going to do anything about corruption?  Isn't evidence of a crooked legal system enough to get you to do something, or are the connected dirty law firms still holding too much power over you?   If you really are that hamstrung, at least you should publicly ask Obama to push for a Federal Special Prosecutor to clean up the dirty New York lawyer ethics system.