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Morrison Foerster rebrands with a Name Change

Morrison & Foerster LLP uveils it's New Logo amid name change

Morrison Foerster
has just announced their plans to rebrand the firm as Misogyny Foerster. At BankruptcyMisconduct we've always appreciated Larren Nashelsky's chutzpah, taking a course of action that every other BigLaw chief would avoid. Like hiring that admitted #WifeBeater and former federal Judge James Peck: who does that on purpose? As if to remove any doubt about how the firm feels about women, they elevate the disgraced politician from Virginia Justin Fairfax who stands accused of not one, but two rape allegations.  Don't get us started on Larren's MommySuit - we'll have a page or three on that coming soon enough.

With all the anti-woman sentiment on display by these MoFo's hiring practises, firing and abuse of women: it's clear (at least in retrospect) why Larren Nashelsky understands the best course of action is to "own it". So that is why Morrison Foerster will forever be reborn as Misogyny Foerster

Below is a copy of the press release, or you can download a copy free here from our downloads section of BankruptcyMisconduct.com

Morrison Foerster rebranding Presser with New Corporate Logo