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The reorganization of SONICblue, Inc. has been tragically marred by the misdeeds of professionals - Judge Marilyn Morgan


SONICblue: Criminal Conspiracy - Deceit - Fraud Upon the Court -

By Estate Professionals is brought before the judge by a claims trader. And the guilty lawyers are made to give up some money. The Bankruptcy Judge even wrote in the document you can download free:

The reorganization of SONICblue, Inc. has been tragically marred by the misdeeds of professionals. Debtor’s counsel settled claims against it for nearly $10 million. Committee counsel settled claims against it for nearly $5 million. Debtor’s special counsel resolved claims against it by waiving approximately $750,000 in fees. Three senior noteholders relinquished at least $9 million in distributions as a result of their counsel’s actions. The chief whistleblower and protagonist was SB Claims Holder, LLC and its predecessor, a claims trader, which has previously received $683,240.62 in awards for substantial contribution. SB Claims Holder now seeks an additional $300,000 for its contributions in the case, which the court awards as well earned. This opinion tells the story.

BankruptcyMisconduct.com has always told the story of the corruption of the U.S. system of "Justice". Sadly, a Neo-Mafia of organized criminals, who happen to be lawyers, has hijacked a considerable chunk of the justice system for the pursuit of ill-gotten gains at the expense of honest taxpayers and businesses. Our bankruptcy courts have been the playing field upon which degenerate corporate executives learned and harnessed the power of a corruption of immense proportions.

The DOJ fails miserably in its duty to oversee the bankruptcy industry. Their Office Of The U.S. Trustee is a joke as it is merely launching pad for careers of mid tier talent back into the industry that they pretend to regulate. In fact, the SONICblue Fraud On The Court was almost destined for a Cover-Up.

Who then would possibly stand up to fraud, malfeasance, and fraud upon the court? The U.S. was built on capitalism and our only hope is that the self-interest of openly non-conflicted economic interests neither burdened by secret conflicts nor empowered by the corruptible Color of Law would come to the rescue.

A Claims Trader Comes To Rescue Truth From Corruption And Conspiracy

Readers please take note: The actions of the claims trader to expose the criminal misconduct, and violations of ethics and Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Proceedure was a daring act by the whistleblower. Retaliation is often extremely severe when any organized crime family is turned in, particularly the Neo-Mafia which pervades the bankruptcy industry. BankruptcyMisconduct.com has a growing collection of stories of retaliation, under the Color Of Law, by corrupt lawyers, DOJ official, and judges against whistleblowers.