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Fake Diversity

Morrison Foerster's Fake Diversity Scam - Foolin Nobody

Hey Ya'all: BankruptcyMisconduct just got to say: We believe that Big Fani Willis will be ejected from the Trump "Fake Electors" case in Georgia. As will her entire staff, even them she ain't been doin the thang with.  We also think that she'll have proceedings against her in the state bar over there.  Given the corrupt state of Attorney "Self-Regulation" we put her prosecution for Perjury & Witness tampering at no better than 50/50 odds.

Well to be sure, the true purpose of supporting and promoting Diversity is a noble one, and all of society benefits when it is genuine. But in light of the continuing revelations of or world today, how are we supposed to be shocked that #BigLaw has harnessed #FakeDiversity as a promotional tool? How ironically appropriate the analogy of the boys High School locker room, where the loudest braggadocio wails constantly from the least virile jock. And thus we see fee pyramids built upon Institutional Racism, Ethnocentric Entitlement & Subjugation, Androcentric Privilege and bald-faced Male Chauvinism.


DEI and the Woke Diversity Paradigm are about Brand Equity

Whether you're a corrupt corporate conglomerate or just a Biglaw tool for the corruption of others, you know a thing or two about how embracing the most Cringe elements of society can really sometimes just be a form of self emoliation.  So who wouldn't have already anticipated this Diversity Meme showcasing Morrison Foerster's woke FoMo legacy:

Morrison Foerster knows something about Brand Equity Self Destruction and thus honors Fani Willis and the Bud Light Dylan Mulvaney thing


Now for Real!  How Ironic that Big Fani Willis is prosecuting all these Trump people for a "Fake Electors" scheme when the biggest fake of them all is Deranged Jack Smith.  If being a Fake Elector is a crime, how about being a Fake Prosecutor.  Like, how does a member of the bar have the Chutzpah to pretend he a US Attorney and waltz into court like Jack Smith has authority, when he don't?  It just don't get no more Deranged then that.  And speaking of "Don't", Don't be surprised that after Trump gets elected, Jack Smith gets prosecuted for falsely purporting to be a US Prosecutor!

After Trump is elected - Jack Smith needs to be prosecuted for being a Fake Prosecutor


Why wouldn't BigLaw set up and support a system that let's Pedos adopt young boys?

We've known for a long time that Morrison Foerster stands for many things.  Like hiring Rapists and Wife Beaters whilst Firing new mothers. But is there anything more diverse than being both a Pedophile and an adoptive parent walking the wild side of incest, with minors? Larren Nashelsky is a superfreak dirty little bugger - No Shit. But even BankruptcyMisconduct has to take a step back and wave the stench away as we are once again reminded of Larren's insatiable hunger for his Wild Side.

Morrison Foerster loves dirty pimping of the Diversity Gimmick like two LGBTQ Activist Pedophiles loves getting government money to subsidize sodomy of two boys they adopted

Then again, sometimes this whole 'Fake Diversity' thing at Eric T. McCrath's Morrison Foerster does actually yield a bizzare result.  Suffice it to say that at the family thanksgiving event, David Walsh Jr does some things with the Turkey Carcass that would make even Larren Nashelsky blush.


The Fetid Apple sure dont fall far from Eric McCrath's Misogyny Foerster Tree

And talking about old White Politicians desperately trying to hang on to power, Let's not forget the contribution to Election Denial as both lonely relativistic world view, and as a periodic talking point in whichever small microcosm of pre-woke Leftism still is willing to listen:  Hillary Clinton is not just an Election Denier, she's the definition of Unhinged!

After the Famous Election Denial of Al Gore we had Hillary Clinton rounding out the aged White Female politicians denied success


If we know anything about Woke "Guardians of the Kleptocracy" it's that they have their own hierarchy of control and access. While BankruptcyMisconduct doesn't want to pick on MoFo about their inherent Racist, Xenophobic and Deplorable foundations - we couldn't pass up this tip from someone who did some work for the US DOJ.  Remember that failing aging soccer athlete upset about being paid far more than she was worth?  Check out what Ancestry.nzi shows: The resemblance is uncanny, from the androgynous haircut, pointy nose, neo-Vulcan ears, cheeks, and chin down to the flat chest.  That's as far down town we care to go, YMMV! Click the link to what is in store for inferior stock, losers, or 'worker bees' whose labor (& reproductive opportunites) shall be subrogated to management's enrichment.

Underpaid USA Womens Soccer is lead by Megan Rapinoe the White Supremacist SS Granddaughter


White Male Sincerely Commands "Do As I Say, Not As I Do"

Morrison Foerster thinks the only thing that show more devotion to your employer than killing your baby is killing yourself

The muffled story of Adam Exton: Every now and then, we find a government official who really believes their own bull.  You know that Adam Exton was genuine when we learn in retrospect that he didn't "take the saline".  Hi loving obituary says:

Adam was part of the leadership team that led Canada’s health response to COVID-19

Translated from Canadian to English: "He worked on Trudeau's Vaccine Mandates"

Hell hath no fury like an aging unfulfilled multiple degreed woman:

Morrison Foerster is happy to feature Brett Wilson LLP client Ania Palus, the horny lawyer and drunken athlete hag

‘I am not litigious, but after much consideration, I have concluded that that I have no alternative but to instruct my solicitors Brett Wilson LLP to bring defamation proceedings against Mr Kyrgios in order to clear my name,’

- said Ania Palus, the oft drunken stalker of pro athletes many years her junior

was unaware of how Nick Kyrgios is, though presumably he was vaccinated with one of those liability free vaccines which don't inhibit the contraction or spread of that virus made in Wuhan with tax dollars from the USA.  Nevertheless, recent events got us interested in a pert lawyer called either Ana or Ania. We were unable to get in touch with Ania Palus, the wacked-n-wacky wench of Wimbledon, for direct comment. This is likely due to the fact that nobody here is a world class athlete with sufficient "master race" sperm quality to merit her unbridled candor.  Do not get in the way of a post prime neo - luscious legal mind on the prowl with her Mom as her wingman. How's that for a pert woke rebuke of age and sex presumptions, post Cruise.  Lawyers at Brett Wilson did not comment on her frivolous attention and/or money grab, though one of them confided "off the record" that he was almost beating the bishop in anticipation of the Bint's Balloon Knot once he got 'two drinks in her'. Note: BankruptcyMisconduct does not honour unilateral statements asserting "Confidentiality" or anything being "off the record". Like, especially when we can expose dirty lawyers for your amusement. Perhaps serious persons would think very carefully before entrusting any issue of serious concern to the purportedly competent hacks at Brett Wilson. At what point is a "Solicitor" just compensating for his envy of Nick Kyrgios, wouldn't buying a Porsche be more efficient?

BigLaw has successfully harnessed the Diversity movement and BLM for more profit and more control

And isn't the whole intended purpose of "Diversity" to be "Fair"? Well, Larren Nashelsky evidently thinks that nothing could be more Fair than to hire Justin Fairfax - a man with more than one rape allegation against him. When merely hiring him, and making him a Partner no less, seems not enough, then how about keeping him employed at full pay on indefinite vacation while you investigate the rapes.  Of course, nothing is officially found, yet he is "incentivized" to leave the firm anyway.


What are the chances that the BigLaw firm that gets tons of sex discrimination suits hire a multiply accused rapist - then pays him for 6 months while they wonder if they should fire him

Misogyny Foerster is not your average BigLaw firm, because these MoFo's really know how to discount facts when it "suits" them in order to put so-called "women's issues" in their relative context. So for example, when alleged rape victims are women of color : it ain't no thing. How are we to ever believe they understand "Black Lives Matter" when they evidently can't come to grips with whether "Black Rapes Matter"? Can any #WomenInLaw out there give us a guess as to how the hiring process would have gone had the alleged rapist's multiple victims been of the same ethnicity as the majority members of the executive committee? Or how about just the same shade of White? Just another instance of #FakeDiversity for profit here, move along please and take your Fifty Shades of Grey selfish woke fetish elsewhere.


Perhaps there is no sleezy place more bogus in their "Virtue Signaling" than the Crooked Creepies of Misogyny Foerster, formerly known as Morrison Foerster.


It's just so "Diverse" to have a Pedophile on board at BigLaw like Kevin Spacey, because frankly Jeffrey Epstein is just not preppy.

If its Fake Diversity you want - check out Larren Nashelsky-s butt sharing buddy Kevin Spacey as BigLaw Pedo-in-Chief

Well, maybe he's just another Hollywood creep who is getting away with being a pederast. At least we can rest in the assurance that this degenerate MoFo is getting charged with rape.

How fake is the caring for women? How real is the Misogyny? The support for Abortion within Morrison Foerster is so real you could grab it with a Tire-tete. Though in the interest of full disclosure, that "support" leans heavily towards pressure for some women, particularly the young, non-committee dominated ethnicities, and Women Of Color.  The caring is as real as the Diversity:

Fake Diversity - like when you are pretending to be Black - is just what Morrison Foerster thrives upon


Are we to just accept that fake African-American people have suffered through generations of discrimination in the echoes of slavery? Well, we're in a world that accepts bold faced lies in the form of attorney sworn documents like the ubiquitous affidavit of disinterestedness filings, doubled down upon at every fee application.  When an industry discovered the inflection point of growth that became possible once conflict of interest issues were summarily ignored, it succumbed to their new alternate reality, and thus our new playing field of fraud upon the court.

If you are pretending to be Black - then Morrison Foerster may be just the Crooked BigLaw firm for you

Maybe Ruth George can explain to us how hating all of the people of Israel is somehow in the interests of all people, promoting Diversity, or otherwise somehow commendable. Then again, maybe she can't.  More likely is that she simply doesn't care about any of those ideals. She has hate upon her mind and will misappropriate any flag to march forth under in furtherance of sick motives.

Jew Haters are rising into influential positions around the world and MoFo applauds the Diversity

Diversity is awesome for BigLaw Morrison Foerster. And what could be more Diverse than proclaim the awesomeness of Abortion for #WomenInLaw who are on the Partnership-Delusion Track. Because the "Mommy-Track" is a tool to keep the hard working life sacrificing young women billing in the prime, just like a pimp does! After all - procreation is for the wives of the white male executive committee members to do.

Abortion alters Diversity whilst preserving the progeny of the wives of Executive Committee members