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21. Chump Judge Gags a Re-Tweet
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... which President Trump retweeted.  Of course, Team Engoron operates a round-the-clock Business Intelligence operation that scours the interweb and thus found said retweet.  Normal consumers of legal news ...
22. MoFo
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Morrison Foerster has worked quite hard in recent years to burst through the glass barricades and onto the pages of BankruptcyMisconduct.com Well, looks like you made it you greedy bastard MoFo's! ...
23. Fake Diversity
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... sufficient "master race" sperm quality to merit her unbridled candor.  Do not get in the way of a post prime neo - luscious legal mind on the prowl with her Mom as her wingman. How's that for a pert woke ...
24. Larren's Wild Side
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... on the significance of upcoming content to be featured in 2021 on BankruptcyMisconduct.com: As an official, and well paid, Legal Analist at CNN - it's refreshing to see a BigLaw leader stand up for the ...
25. Preet's Perverted Peek
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... organized crime. Prosecutorial Discretion has become legal tender for dirty people like Preet Bharara to trade with. Preet's prosecutorial perversions are catching up with him, his sloppiness even drawing ...
26. MommyTrack Sanctions
... had a chance to read it, our entertaining analysis and wild opinion will begin ... more coming What better Effect could you have than Aunt Barbra Streisand lending her legal expertise?  ...
27. Bob Menendez Implosion Watch
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... and their attorney facilitators/collaborators, in the context of non-legal advice: Cover your ass now! Send letters and memos, then seek a deal. Better to get a book deal, than an extended sentence. Heck, ...
28. Dreier NAP by Relkin
... by the fearless legal heavyweight David H. Relkin has been restored and you can download it here.  In fact, here is a view of these pages.  Have you ever seen such a telling NAP? Guess what people ... ...
29. Diplomat Vs Terrorist
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... Preet Bharara also thinks that Male Diplomats are protected by immunity when they hire prostitutes, run red lights, park illegally, and even murder. But child care payments which are below the minumum ...
30. Bruce's 2012 Lament
... of legal fees where lost along with tens of millions of client forfeitures. In light of the secretive curtain of legal industry "self-regulation" it is difficult to speculate on which factor may have ...
31. DOJ Fox Guards Henhouse
... that DOJ Lawyers engaged in Fraud Upon The Court! A damning book exposing the illegality at the DOJ entitled Licensed to Lie was authored by Sidney Powell, herself a former DOJ lawyer.    ...
32. Gary J. Rotella
... relying upon mind reading. (Never mind legal convention about never incorporating elements of an order that the judge did not clearly state). Do we think that Gary J. Rotella is just as dirty as his ...
33. NFL "beats" ABA
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The NFL is More Honorable than Lawyers What does it say when the National Football League stands head and shoulders above the legal systems of New York State and the Federal Government when it comes ...
34. Absurdities
Sadly, there are many instances of absurdity involving our legal "system".  The misconduct, crime, corruption, and degenerate officials woven into our Bankruptcy Courts and the related self regulation ...
35. The Godfather III
... a legal brief knows, lawyers explicitly write that they "pray" for the Court (capital "C") to rule in their favor.  Not much of a stretch to see the supreme powers granted the DOJ and the Judiciary as ...
36. Schuette Fears Giants
... of illegitimate legal fees and Schuette is actually chasing $200 crooks. He is sooo out of touch - Mr. Schuette actually brags about the $200 amount on the official Attorney General website. The optics ...
37. Zachary Warren
... Human Kidney smugglings flown in from overseas for a series of multi-million dollar illegal organ transplants for rich Americans, each inextricably intertwined with numerous crimes like insurance fraud ...
38. Preet's Epic Punts
... due to the brave and prolonged efforts of concerned private citizens like Nancy Scheper-Hughes. The confessed history of multi-decade long illegal operations involving numerous top New York hospitals, ...
39. Catch The Whiff
... Does "Your" Lawyer Really Work For? Truth is: the Pensioneers and Unions, the true Victims of Detroit, are being "led on a wild goose chase" of absurd and impossibly helpful legal challenges.  Sure, ...
40. Workers' Jeopardy
... Detroit Police and Fire Fighters AssociationDonald Taylor - President Police Officers Labor CouncilJOHN A. LYONS - Legal representation Police Officers Association of MichiganJames A. Tignanelli - President ...
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