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Becoming MoFo

Becoming MoFo

Well there's got to be some sort of explanation for it. How did the #BigLaw embarrassment of Morrison Foerster come about? It's not BankruptcyMisconduct who gave them the truly ugly and vulgar nickname of MoFo, they proudly embraced it themselves decades ago. Their genius of self-promotion actually created their "Becoming MoFo" memes, so you can't blame us for taking the art to the next level. Please enjoy, share with your friends, give us a thumbs up, but always keep a small wastebasket or vomit-bag nearby because there is a fair amount of ugly unadulterated reality involved.

#BigLaw requires Big Portions of CupCakes because you dont get to be Puff Daddy without engorging on pastries

#BigLaw & #AmLaw100 Billion Dollar Revenue powerhouse of MorrisonFoerster mansplains their MoFo nature, And urges their clients to wonder how much they care about their case

Seeing how much we care about our #BigLaw MoFo image, How much do you think we care about your case?

BigLaw requires putting it out there