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21. Crisis Pimping
... that encompasses the coincidence that life expectancy in the USA also happens to be 78? CoinkyDoink Sometimes coincidence is soooo natural, that only X-Files theorists who are actually extra-terrestrials ...
22. Pierce Bainbridge
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... Just A 'Flesh Wound". How many times does a City Slicker at the beach bob above the waves before sinking to the bottom, like the Italian Navy in WWII? Did John M. Pierce zoom past Larren Nashelsky ...
23. MoFo Christmas
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MoFo Christmas It's the most wonderful time ... of the year.  Stuff it in baby, give me that money.  More! More! Don't stop till I get enough cause your MoFo Daddy Larren Nashelsky is gonna get that ...
24. Becoming MoFo Wise Men
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Becoming MoFo, cause Sometimes the clothes do not make the man! Every dirtbag has his day, and the low life scum who beat there wives, or sleep with their sister in law, or trick naive young professional ...
25. Abortion Foerster
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... time)  ...
26. De-Equitization
... blame it on Globalization, blame it on AI. Blame it on the freakin' Boss Nova if it makes you feel better, you're time is up BigLaw The reign of BigLaw is approaching a fundamental downsizing, if not ...
27. Morrison Foerster rebrands with a Name Change
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... on that coming soon enough. With all the anti-woman sentiment on display by these MoFo's hiring practises, firing and abuse of women: it's clear (at least in retrospect) why Larren Nashelsky understands ...
28. MoFo
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... time. You've gotta check out the evil immortals getting high on adrenochrome here on Misogyny Foerster's Halloween 2020 page! Morrison Foerster has worked so hard in recent years to burst through ...
29. Diplomat Vs Terrorist
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30. Apollo Global Management
... rs, Demise Wish Syndrome and RICO Oh, hold onto your smart phone honey, we'ze gonna have a good time roundin' out 2015  ...
31. Bruce's 2012 Lament
32. Howard Marks
...  mill Fed lawyers mark time until their revolving door retirement multiplier kicks in, notable exception being family relations already employed, etcetera and so forth... So much to say about the fun ...
33. Bob Menendez Implosion Watch
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34. Gary J. Rotella
35. Goodell vs. Cuomo
... f the Ray Rice incident. Andrew Cuomo was the Attorney General, the elected prosecutor holding the senior position in charge of prosecutions in the State of New York at the time when Judge James Peck admitt ...
36. Why Hire These Lawyers?
37. Judicial Malfeasance
38. Anne M. McCormick
39. Preet's Perverted Peek
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40. Catch The Whiff
... onality of bankruptcy" & "They didn't negotiate with us in good faith" time has been wasted while Jones Day continued to honor their oft secret cl ...
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