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21. Guinea Bastard's New Clothes
... in favors that Andrew Cuomo willfully, often blatantly, engaged in.  Frankly, we are shocked that only Sexual Harrassment seems able to bring down this agent of Organized Crime when his clear history ...
22. Christmas Show 2022
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Merry Christmas 2020 #BankruptcyMisconduct presents the Delaware dirty lawyer and their #HedgeFund Friends Christmas Show Be sure to play this video in High Definition. There is a selector for ...
23. Preet's Perverted Peek
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... scores of connected officials, and organized crime members, for whom rare prosecutions (often lame and predestined to fail) never involve body cavity assaults. Truth is that Preet Bharara had to go out ...
24. Bob Menendez Implosion Watch
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... politician. Yes, this web site uniquely presaged the downfall of Eliot Spitzer (former USDA, NYAG, NYG & longtime money laundering organized crime member) who ignored certified letters evidencing death ...
25. SONICblue's Irish Neo-Mafia "O'Tools"
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... matter who you are: Thank You for your support of this site. Happy St. Patrick's Day, and top of the morning to ya! In SONICblue, organized crime committed by a cabal of lawyers is laid bare for ...
26. DOJ for sale
... hurt big tobacco profits as detailed here by Matt Kaiser at AboveTheLaw.com dirty fed participate in illicit punitive actions against whistleblowers to organized crime in bankruptcy Watch for a Video ...
27. The Godfather III
... establishing racial ethnic boundaries on organized crime.   On its surface, the establishment of Italian American persons as the face of organized crime transcended notions of racial and ethnic justice, ...
28. Schuette Fears Giants
... his absurd use of taxpayer funds to file a racketeering indictments against two people for crimes ranging from $200 to $1000 dollars. Bill Schuette is the Giant Slayer of organized crime, as long as ...
29. Why Hire These Lawyers?
Top Ten Reasons Why You Should Hire a Lawyer Featured on BankruptcyMisconduct So many great experienced and hard working lawyers in the U.S.A.  But you are considering hiring a lawyer, or ...
30. Francis Canellas
Francis Canellas, a/k/a Frank Canellas a/k/a Guido Frankie C The reluctant prosecution by Cyrus Vance of the organized crime ring which controlled the Biglaw firm of Dewey LeBoeuf This may have seemingly ...
31. John Altorelli
John Altorelli has turned Informant against the Dewey LeBoeuf senior conspirators   More coming ...
32. Preet's Epic Punts
... associates. This very old form of organized crime was targeted by Congress in the 1970s as they sought to eliminate Bankruptcy Rings. If Bharara actually cared, he could easily prosecute these rings under ...
33. Romney's Valentine
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Mitt Romney was about to receive a very special 2014 Valentine! That 2nd Amended Complaint has got to hurt! Happy Valentines Day to Mitt Romney
34. Judicial Malfeasance
Wilful Judicial Malfeasance BankruptcyMisconduct explains how our Federal Bankruptcy Courts sadly reveal instances of gross Judicial Malfeasance. First we will eviscerate the false premise behind which ...
35. Anne M. McCormick
Oh no ... she didn't! Anne M. McCormick didn't ignore a complaint from Laser, she responded and wove herself into the web that is eToys, Romney, and RICO. And then Laser tore her neo-logic apart.  ...
36. Judge Lippmann
... to be corruption in the New York courts. BankruptcyMisconduct firmly believes that our court systems have been deeply infiltrated by corruption - de facto organized crime.  We understand why Mr. Galison ...
37. Jack Wheeler
... of organized crime inside and outside of government who are woven into this crime. Riddle of the day: What was Jack Wheeler working on when the attempt to "suicide" him failed? Here is a hint: Whose ...
38. Romney "in Play"
... The Delaware Bankruptcy Court Justice Mary F Walrath refused to address issues that Plaintiff Haas alleges are frauds upon the court and organized crimes by RICO Romney and his Gang. Civil Racketeering ...
39. Bill Schuette
Important Updates 2014 Bill Schuette's Scienter on Detroit Bill Schuette's Silly Bragging about $200 crooks, while $200 Million organized crime families flourish under his pointy nose - a scathing commentary ...
40. Detroit In Play
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BankruptcyMisconduct is once again shown to be clairvoyant. Traditional media are picking up on the inherent Conflict Of Interest issue involving Jones Day and the Detroit Bankruptcy case. Whenever ...
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