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41. NFL "beats" ABA
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The NFL is More Honorable than Lawyers What does it say when the National Football League stands head and shoulders above the legal systems of New York State and the Federal Government when it comes ...
42. The Godfather III
... a legal brief knows, lawyers explicitly write that they "pray" for the Court (capital "C") to rule in their favor.  Not much of a stretch to see the supreme powers granted the DOJ and the Judiciary as ...
43. Stephen J. Brogan
... #DirtyLawyers who haven woven a number of hedge funds into a web of undeniable #ConflictOfInterest violations. (Is it too early for us to say #Oaktree & #HowardMarks?) Hey Stephen - the lyric ...
44. Schuette Fears Giants
Sadly, Bill Schuette is timid and afraid. He fears the giants of crime, he fears dirty law firms (like Jones Day). He fears out of state lawyers (even though Schuette could bring Michigan's ethics enforcement ...
45. Zachary Warren
... involving major NYC medical institutions, doctors, and their lawyers. This is the prosecutor who trembles at the thought of indicting deli meat. But enough on this page about Vance, far be it from BankruptcyMisconduct ...
46. Why Hire These Lawyers?
Top Ten Reasons Why You Should Hire a Lawyer Featured on BankruptcyMisconduct So many great experienced and hard working lawyers in the U.S.A.  But you are considering hiring a lawyer, or his ...
47. Charges: Round Two
... marriage with Madoff, but we digress. Download your own copy of the lawsuit by the SEC against the Dewey LeBoeuf lawyers and inside accountants. Stay tune for more!  ...
48. Preet's Epic Punts
... A few slap on the wrists to corporate entities, and thus innocent stock holders are picking up the tab while scores upon scores of guilty corporate chiefs, and their lawyers, are getting a bailout. If ...
49. Judicial Malfeasance
... and consistently employs the word "shall". Judges also like to ignore misconduct by counsel, particularly with respect to certain fraud upon the court. Yes, any time a lawyer files a false declaration ...
50. Catch The Whiff
... up you victims.  You are about to have a plate of poop plopped in front of you, and those high priced lawyers pretending to fight for your representatives are a large part of your problem. Which Side ...
51. Fake Chance
... you: The Jones Day lawyers have an undisputed dirty history of misconduct, including inexcusable violations of well settled Conflict Of Interest law. We believe that any lawyer in Michigan is empowered, ...
52. Judge, Hide More
eToys is the governmental coverup of hedge fund and lawyer bankruptcy ring corruption that just keeps on giving Seriously, as if Roberta DeAngelis hasn't had her tired carcass dragged through enough dark ...
53. Jones Day's Demise Wish
... can't pretend to be an honest lawyer representing a single mom in eviction proceeding while at the same time another partner of your firm is getting paid by the very same bank. Well it was only a matter ...
54. Workers' Jeopardy
... a fair outcome being controlled by Jones Day - a BigLaw firm of lawyers with a history of conflict of interest violations.  How can Workers stand a chance when billion dollar Hedge Funds reign influence ...
55. Pro Hac Vice
Pro hac vice (IPA: [prəʊ hæk 'vi:tʃei]), Latin: "for this occasion" or "for this event" (literally, "for this turn"),[1] is a legal term usually referring to a lawyer who has not been admitted to practice ...
56. Schuette's Detroit Scienter
... Whenever you have bankruptcy lawyers with connections to involved banks, it can never go well.  So while many in the main stream media report that 'compromise with the banks' has been reached, only a few ...
57. Bill Schuette
...   What's More Important To Bill Schuette: Pensioners or Bretheren Lawyers? #SchuettesChoice The official stance of the chief lawyer for the State Of Michigan is clear and noble.  Bill Schuette publicly ...
58. Detroit In Play
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... you have bankruptcy lawyers with connections to involved banks, it can never go well.  Perhaps AfricanGlobe.net says it best, not merely exposing the outrageous fees but highlighting that simple and ...
59. Eric Holder
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... of Justice Regular readers of BankruptcyMisconduct have long known that the DOJ is saddled with an inner cadre of oath violating posers - government lawyers whose true loyalties lie with their compatriots ...
60. Goliath's Cullions
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Another eMail from Laser Haas stubbornly restokes the smokey fires nipping at the heels of the widespread dirty players in the Bankruptcy Ring woven around eToys. Each party is further connected with ...
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