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Liars Gold

What's truth but a liar's gold?
Hidden, buried
Fortunes untold

-- opening lines to Strength by Ben Barone

Ladies and Gentlemen:

The ability of criminal elements to confuse the public and obfuscate the truth is fast passing like troubled waters beneath a bridge. The dishonorable avoidance of a just review of facts to a dispute, via attacking the integrity, character, and person of the whistleblower, is one of the oldest tricks in the book. So old that this form of attack was renamed "ad hominem" in Latin. Though no doubt at the time of the Latin naming, such evil was being told in even older tongues. The inevitable trouble for the unjustly enriched wrongdoers is that at some point, enough people come to know the truth.

There exists a "critical mass" of people such that once they know the truth about fraud upon the public, it is inevitable that widespread public awareness and reaction will follow. There are only so many fingers on an evil person, yet there are an uncountable number of people who live and provide for themselves not by deception and treachery, but through honor and honorable works.

How is it, How could it be, that a man with no hen in the fight can clearly discern a simple truth? A simple truth unravels a web of lies, and is the foundation upon which any honorable review of facts must stand.


We direct your attention to the affidavit of the Chairperson of the Official Committee of Unsecured Creditors in the eToys bankruptcy case. There is a lot of interesting information in that document, most of which addresses facts related to the apparrent retaliation against the whistleblower in that case. But let us look closely at the closing paragraph number 17:

  • "Furthermore, I have somewhat followed the case from a distance and it has been represented that Barry Gold and the firm of Traub Bonacquist & Fox had a relationship that they have admitted to and state has no bearing on any matter(s) at hand. Whereby I. Lisandro "Lee" Castillo do hereby state and affirm that such is false. Had I had any inkling, whatsoever, that Barry Gold was anywhere connected to any party of the case, I would have, as a fiduciary duty sought advice how to correct the matter and would have not approved the hiring of Barry Gold. I had direct discussions with Paul Traub of the firm of Traub Bonacquist & Fox regarding the hiring of Barry Gold and I am amazed at the level of deception that has occurred and the apparent lack of interest to halt it."
  • -- 1. emphasis added. 2. This document was sworn before a notary public.

    Dare the criminals,
    Dare the enabling regulators,
    Dare the tacitly approving courts,
    cast any hint of aspersion upon the honor of Mr. Castillo?