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eToys Christmas Party

We have said it before, and we will say it again. eToys will not go away. It is much more than a scandal, much more than a stained dress, more embarrassing than Spitzer's dirty sock fetish with a prostitute of the same generation as his first daughter. eToys is even simpler than the attempt by Gov. Rod Blagojevich to sell his choice of a replacement for the Senate chair of Barack Obama.

eToys is about lawyers repeatedly lying under oath.

eToys is about a planned and long running fraud upon the Court. eToys is about countless DOJ lawyers bending over backwards to thrust their heads in the sand like ostriches so that they would not have to see the obvious crimes by their relations. eToys is about Federal judges transcending the disgraceful conduct of the DOJ by sequestering their own heads within their dark bowels so as to escape the cleansing of sunlight.


eToys is the epitome of corrupt neo-mandarin confiscation of governmental power and obligation for a sickly and repugnant purpose: governmental cover up of bankruptcy rings - organized crime families that make more money each year than the combined incomes of all organized crime families in drugs, gambling, prostitution, and even the garbage carting and fish market businesses combined.

Laser Haas is the Energizer Bunny of U.S. Trustee corruption. I couldn't help but notice the timing of the Holiday season with respect to the toy business. This must be sort of like a present to all those paper feds who just wish that Haas would go away. He won't, but even if aliens took him away his work is already indelibly inscribed into the net. Eventually, scholars or independent writers will uncover the seeds of our current financial crisis.