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21. New Green Deal
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... can't fight city hall, and Federal Government is about 1,000 times worse.  Just ask General Flynn or his son. Bill Nye the Science Guy has come out in favor of the New Green Deal. And who among us ...
22. MoFo
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... nothing more On Point than some crooked MoFo's at Holiday time. You've gotta check out the evil immortals getting high on adrenochrome here on Misogyny Foerster's Halloween 2020 page!   Larren's ...
23. Guinea Bastard's New Clothes
... this ain't the first time that we've predicted some serious fallout for a variety of perverted, criminal, crooked or sleazy conduct. And this site has stuck it's proverbial nose out incredibly far, some ...
24. Fake Diversity
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... Androcentric Privilege and bald-faced Male Chauvinism. Why wouldn't BigLaw set up and support a system that let's Pedos adopt young boys? We've known for a long time that Morrison Foerster stands for ...
25. Crisis Pimping
... that encompasses the coincidence that life expectancy in the USA also happens to be 78? CoinkyDoink Sometimes coincidence is soooo natural, that only X-Files theorists who are actually extra-terrestrials ...
26. Pierce Bainbridge
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... Just A 'Flesh Wound". How many times does a City Slicker at the beach bob above the waves before sinking to the bottom, like the Italian Navy in WWII? Did John M. Pierce zoom past Larren Nashelsky ...
27. Preet's Perverted Peek
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... a prior arrest. At a minimum, Bharara could have avoided transferring Dr. Khobragade to U.S. Marshal custody for a length of time that would force "customary" anal and vaginal penetration. There are ...
28. MoFo Christmas
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MoFo Christmas It's the most wonderful time ... of the year. Stuff it in baby, give me that money.  More! More! Don't stop till I get enough cause your MoFo Daddy Larren Nashelsky is gonna get that ...
29. Becoming MoFo Wise Men
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Becoming MoFo, cause Sometimes the clothes do not make the man! Every dirtbag has his day, and the low life scum who beat there wives, or sleep with their sister in law, or trick naive young professional ...
30. Tashina Guahar
... time a lawyer sought 'quiet enjoyment' in her unobtrusive travails.  ...
31. Abortion Foerster
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... time after BankruptcyMisconduct began chronicling the impossible dualities incorporated by Morrison Foerster's public face on the other gender and their actual WifeBeater mentality we find Sandford Heisler ...
32. Debevoise & Plimpton
... lawyers running amuck. . Just a moment in time, or as any particular timeline might show, an entire series of points Stewart from 'the Family Guy' is excited to see when even a die hard defender ...
33. De-Equitization
... blame it on Globalization, blame it on AI. Blame it on the freakin' Boss Nova if it makes you feel better, you're time is up BigLaw The reign of BigLaw is approaching a fundamental downsizing, if not ...
34. Bob Menendez Implosion Watch
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... entitled Bob Menendez Implosion Watch. Like many times before, we were denigrated for "slinging mud" upon the illustrious public service of a great man. And here were are having come full circle once ...
35. Morrison Foerster rebrands with a Name Change
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... on that coming soon enough. With all the anti-woman sentiment on display by these MoFo's hiring practises, firing and abuse of women: it's clear (at least in retrospect) why Larren Nashelsky understands ...
36. Diplomat Vs Terrorist
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... the books and so forth, because for Preet and Loretta, Devyanni was just too delicious to restrain themselves. At the same time, this very same DOJ thinks it is a good idea to ignore crimes on Visa ...
37. Apollo Global Management
... Wish Syndrome and RICO Oh, hold onto your smart phone honey, we'ze gonna have a good time roundin' out 2015  ...
38. Bruce's 2012 Lament
Bruce Bennett was dubbed the 'Artful Dodger' by The New York Times. But we believe he will be best known for downward spiral of employment peculiarities, quite a list of requisite pre-retention interview ...
39. Howard Marks
... DOJ was something more than a minor league for #BigLaw where run of the mill Fed lawyers mark time until their revolving door retirement multiplier kicks in, notable exception being family relations already ...
40. Gary J. Rotella
... when a woman lawyer risks her career to protect a woman victim? Maybe it's just a matter of time. Read some free downloads about Gary J. Rotella's role drafting orders for a dirty bankruptcy judge,  ...
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