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21. Christmas Show 2020
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... big noise By prayers that some Fed will investigate eToys Onward came the logo, it flew in a flash Broke open the windows, and tore through the sash Sunlight is the best, disinfectant we know The ...
22. Preet's Epic Punts
... hidden debts to Citibank. It is called racketeering, it is organized crime. Why are connected powerful lawyers, and money center banks, protected from the consequences of their crimes? eToys, Goldman ...
23. Romney's Valentine
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Mitt Romney was about to receive a very special 2014 Valentine! That 2nd Amended Complaint has got to hurt! Happy Valentines Day to Mitt Romney
24. Anne M. McCormick
Oh no ... she didn't! Anne M. McCormick didn't ignore a complaint from Laser, she responded and wove herself into the web that is eToys, Romney, and RICO. And then Laser tore her neo-logic apart. ...
25. Romney's RICO
... nloads already at BankruptcyMisconduct's free downloads section concerning the Racketeering Lawsuit Against Mitt Romney, as well as the long eToys story of conflict of interest violations, cover- ...
26. Romney "in Play"
...  spreading like black mold in the wake of the failing cover up of eToys. Seems like the more they try to make this one go away, the deeper the quicksand becomes. So why not read the press release announcin ...
27. Judge, Hide More
eToys is the governmental coverup of hedge fund and lawyer bankruptcy ring corruption that just keeps on giving Seriously, as if Roberta DeAngelis hasn't had her tired carcass dragged through enough dark ...
28. Goliath's Cullions
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Another eMail from Laser Haas stubbornly restokes the smokey fires nipping at the heels of the widespread dirty players in the Bankruptcy Ring woven around eToys. Each party is further connected with ...
29. Brendan R. McGuire
31. Innocent's Imperative
... investigation or consequence. And notwithstanding the shameful conduct by some Delaware based U.S. Trustees in the eToys case, neither can a U.S. Trustee. Make no mistake, the Dewey LeBoeuf implosion ...
32. Romney's illicit Profit
... sign such affidavit(s) Bain owns Toys R Us Toys R Us – ILLEGALLY – owns the stolen property of eToys Toys R Us also owns FAO Schwartz, Kay Bee Toys, Baby Universe and The Parent Company all be ...
33. Solyndra
... cases from eToys to WaMu will preside over the cover up we call the bankruptcy Crime Scrub Shuffle. Yes, once again the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware, a place nearly as sophisticated ...
34. WaMu WaMu
... tcry which demanded for the prosecutions of the executives. We could start with easy cases of fraud upon the court by bankruptcy lawyers, like in eToys. As the corrupt house of cards starts falling, s ...
35. Paul Traub
...  statement listing every possible conflict and swearing that there exists no undiclosed conflict. So, we'd think that if Paul Traub was employed in let's say the eToys bankruptcy mega-case then Trau ...
36. Mitt Romney
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... property of eToys. Prior to this time, MNAT (as eToys debtor’s counsel) and Paul Traub (as eToys Creditors’ counsel), confessed lying thirty (30) times to this court deliberately to conceal their conflicts ...
37. Roberta DeAngelis "in play"
... Laser just won't give it up. Hey, what is BankruptcyMisconduct supposed to do with all of this juicy eToys content anyway? Did we mention "Free" as in Free Beer? No sooner did we get the email below, ...
38. Roberta DeAngelis U.S. Trustee "in play"
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39. Illegal Grant of Immunity
The eToys case is an example of lawyers, and their organized crime associate, caught red handed in a series of criminal acts including Fraud Upon The Court. BankruptcyMisconduct.com will attempt to explain ...
40. Andrew Cuomo Protects Bankruptcy Mafia
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... Judge James Peck a/k/a "the BitchSlapper", the WorldCom Whistleblower death threat advice, and eToys are just a few which have surfaced. Only a Federal Special Prosecutor could avoid the conflict of interest ...
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