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21. Christmas Show 2022
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... in the court house Every trustee was hiding, the crimes of a louse The fee apps were strung by false filings of fraud Now see how the criminals dupe the old broad Their Clients were hidden a wink ...
22. Preet's Perverted Peek
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... involved in the collapse of a banking institution get your blessing for a lie to you, when a foreign national diplomat get's cavity searched for an alleged false statement to you over a minimum wage dispute? Drawing ...
23. De-Equitization
... an entire reorganization. The self-centered belief that Lawyers should be entitled to similar, or a percentage of, the rewards of productive members of society is revealing itself a false. Lawyers unlucky ...
24. Diplomat Vs Terrorist
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... linked to Terrorism: "We'll look the other way" ... and that is our DOJ! The alleged crime, is an alleged false statement on a visa application for one of her staff, another foreigner from India, ...
25. Bruce's Lament
... relationships count? Of course they, like when the IRS goes after pot growers. But we really shouldn't question whether a false declaration in the Dodgers case could reverse those massive fees. Did ...
26. DOJ Fox Guards Henhouse
... holds immunity, arrested and Cavity Searched over a supposed falsehood on an immigration form as to the wage paid to her foreign staff member performing child care duties. Yet this very same DOJ gives ...
27. The Godfather III
... accountants.   Convictions could be obtained easily at least for falsely swearing that they maintained adequate controls via their accounting systems and proceedures.  Why did Congress write Sarbanes-Oxley ...
28. Preet's Epic Punts
... leak proved false, but many M.F. Global customers suffered, and our Nation's international policy decisions were never meant to be a get rich quick scheme for corrupt connected crooks. 2) Some unnamed ...
29. Judicial Malfeasance
Wilful Judicial Malfeasance BankruptcyMisconduct explains how our Federal Bankruptcy Courts sadly reveal instances of gross Judicial Malfeasance. First we will eviscerate the false premise behind which ...
30. Catch The Whiff
... restrictions upon the profession.  Conflict Of Interest violations and false sworn oaths continue to blacken the nearly unbridled profession. While George Bernard Shaw said that “All professions are ...
31. Bill Schuette
... She must disclose every possible fact, only other parties may argue as to relevance and appropriateness.  Thus, failing to disclose every fact is itself a fraud upon the court.  Any false document above ...
32. Eric Holder
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During the last 100 years, the U.S. Attorney General who has best exemplified the machinations of our Department of Justice is non other than Eric Holder. Wake Up and Smell the Self Serving Implementation ...
33. Silicon Graphics
... and by merely reciting somewhat meaningless facts to provide the Order with a false appearance of legitimacy. Under such circumstances, the impartiality of Judge Glenn is reasonably in question along ...
34. Romney Stoned
... falsely sworn affidavits in corrupted bankruptcy cases.  When a lawyer lies about his connections to a dirty hedge fund, he can easily divert assets to this secret client.   If there is no illicit connection ...
35. JP Morgan Culpability
... in the beginning about secret payments, as well as obtaining funds under false pretenses. Yeah, it's a tough thing to explain away when you are defending your foray into the capital markets with consistent ...
36. Dewey LePerp
...    SEC Fraudulent Bond Offering in 2010. Accounting Fraud, financial fraud, false sworn statements. We believe the fraud will entangle professionals at external banking ...
37. Seeking Viability
...  In particular, the Firm Whisperer exorbitantly protested those who questioned the issue of lending covenants by transmogrification into false rumor: "Those rumors are utterly and completely bogus". OK ...
38. Romney's illicit Profit
... tracks All you have to do is ask What did Bain’s law firm in DE (MNAT) get a cake walk for 15 confessions to false affidavits in the times when Martha Stewart and Barry Bonds are going to trial for evasive ...
39. Judge Bransten begs
... they chose not too. If Kasowitz had believed that Berry swore false allegations, they were obligated to have filed a complaint with the bar. But now we have Judge Bransten facing sworn allegations of ...
40. Kasowitz Fee Padding
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... and belief the senior lawyers at Kasowitz never performed any of the duties they were required to perform if, al arguendo, Berry was ever known to have made false sworn allegations.  In short: Kasowitz ...
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