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21. Chump Judge Gags a Re-Tweet
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... put on an undeniable display in the hands of a skillful talent.  Behold the page 1 of a complaint by Mr. Fredin that was delivered to just about everybody with a paddle in NY State:  (We've added hilighting) ...
22. NFL "beats" ABA
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... pray for her soul, and that the evil that motivates her is replaced with genuine caring.  We won't forgive Lisa Smith for failing to file bar complaints about women abusing lawyers like Judge Peck, Eliot ...
23. Romney's Valentine
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Mitt Romney was about to receive a very special 2014 Valentine! That 2nd Amended Complaint has got to hurt! Happy Valentines Day to Mitt Romney  ...
24. Anne M. McCormick
Oh no ... she didn't! Anne M. McCormick didn't ignore a complaint from Laser, she responded and wove herself into the web that is eToys, Romney, and RICO. And then Laser tore her neo-logic apart.  ...
25. Judge Lippmann
... research of one of our Favorite Federal Underachiever prosecutors named Preet Bharara. You see, we found the complaint against Judge Lippmann, which is reprinted below, on a website called judgejonathanlippman.blogspot.com ...
26. Romney "in Play"
... Romney being sued for racketeering, a copy of which appears below.  Or you can read the original RICO complaint which ties Bain, Romney, Traub et al. together again. _____________________ _____________________ ...
27. Fake Chance
... licenses on the line for anything in writting, it must be true and justifiable advise) explaining specific points of their choosing: Why hasn't Counsel filed a complaint to the U.S. Trustee's boss ...
28. Brendan R. McGuire
Another Fed Gets Woven Into the eToys Crime & Cover-Up  Oh Brendan, it's a sad day for Ireland when another of her children is crushed between the dreams of opportunity and the cold stone walls of corruption.  ...
29. Silicon Graphics
... from a prior Ch. 11 case. More importantly, however, is that SGI’s filing in Ch. 11 on April 1, 2009 came within 6 days of the filing of a formal SEC complaint by myself against the Intel Corporation ...
30. ex post Dewey
... criminal. We also believe that there has been a lot of cover-up as to those crimes, going so far as an attempt to pay hush money to John M. Huff, with perhaps even a wink and a nod to keep ethical complaints ...
31. Hennigan Bennett & Dorman
... on our pages. But it just seems funny that we didn't specifically out the firm as being dirty with their own page. At least the Revised Complaint download clearly pointed out to the California Bar that ...
32. Dewey LeBoeuf: Viability
Former Lawyer victims of Dewey LeBoeuf may only escape severe financial harm if criminal convictions against Management, Bankers, and Financiers Pursued New: Ned Bassen (lawyer for Steven Davis) ...
33. Bingham McCutchen: Viability
In Progress - Updated 11/16/14 to include the Vote To Assimilate 75% & "Post-Game" Commentary Post-Game Analysis BankruptcyMisconduct admits that we are surprised. While we could claim our prediction ...
34. Judge Bransten begs
... Berry filed the complaint that he did. For all we know, Kasowitz had reneged on the severance payment, or they just took too long to make their payments under the separation agreements, and Berry was ...
35. Kasowitz Fee Padding
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...                                         Index No. 652274/2011 Plaintiff, -against-                                                  COMPLAINT AND DEMAND KASOWITZ, BENSON, TORRES                 ...
36. Kasowitz Benson
Kasowitz is the "Jersey Shore" of New York Lawyer drama snorting train wrecks. We read a copy of the Kasowitz et al. answer to the Berry complaint Index No. 652274/2011 penned by none other than ...
37. Profiles In Dishonesty
... complaint and the corresponding revised complaint against Bruce Bennett's Bankruptcy Bamboozlers that had been downloaded anonymously by someone at Duane Morris? (available for free download here) His ...
38. WaMu WaMu
... “Your submission does not appear” To report any such activity. They wanted more detail – so FYI below is my response. I did remove some info. Sorry this is long. Apparently, you did not read my complaint ...
39. Color Of Law
... justification or reporting by officers on incidents involving the use of force; Lack of, or improper training of, officers; and Citizen complaint processes that treat complainants as adversaries. Under ...
40. Sleaze Tracker: Dewey LeBoeuf Swallows Demon Seed
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... clearly seems to violate the letter and spirit of California's regulations governing the legal industry is traced to HBD's own retention agreement. Section 2.6 of the initial complaint to the California ...
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