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21. The Departed
...  Yet even so, the implosion of bankruptcy professionals and law firms is a great opportunity to examine what went on. The sub menu to the right contains more in depth coverage of certain of these entities. ...
22. Entities
...  The individuals include bankruptcy lawyers, bankruptcy professionals, liquidators, hedge fund managers (such as Mitt Romney), and government lawyers. This top level page will describe generally the organizations ...
23. MF Global - Overview
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...  But much better than taking the traditional route of feeding these bankruptcy industry professionals - who in turn are hosting the corrupt bankruptcy playing fields that continue to entice ever more reckless ...
24. Revolving Door Feds
... Look at how much the senior management of the SEC and DOJ get paid.   Partners at many bankruptcy law firms make over $2 million dollars per year.  Hedge Fund professionals make even more.  So why would ...
25. Profiles In Dishonesty
... weighed against the larger circumstances of these cases. These cases have a long and tortured history, and it was this precise issue – the failure of professionals to make full, candid and timely disclosures ...
26. WaMu WaMu
... operandi employed during the early machinations of the Enron bankruptcy case, when the professionals seemingly went out of their way to protect their golden boys, those executives who did the "favor" ...
27. Paul Traub
You Go Boy !!!   The Smoking Gun -- Proof that is easy to digest Well here's a begging 15 for a little man called Paul Traub. As "luck" would have it, Paul Traub, Esq. is not just a dirty lawyer, he ...
28. Mitt Romney
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... truth is that Mitt Romney and Bain Capital's dirty hedge fund profiteering was built upon their association with bankruptcy professionals who regularly engaged in bankruptcy misconduct. The bellwether ...
29. Prosecutorial Discretion
... corrupt acts by professionals or investors in a bankruptcy proceedings, we suggest you move now before you become a designated scape goat to save your bosses ass.  Come to think of it, senior partners ...
30. Illegal Grant of Immunity
The eToys case is an example of lawyers, and their organized crime associate, caught red handed in a series of criminal acts including Fraud Upon The Court. BankruptcyMisconduct.com will attempt to explain ...
31. Donna Sturman
... only). My counsel also filed objections to the Administrative Claims of Professionals and Trustee Fees. In addition based upon the filings and circumstances, I would like to understand how your office ...
32. The Second Fraud
... professionals loot the corporate carcass. The Peters Company Inc., with affiliates, certainly owned significant assets with real value. Do you think this value was distributed to lawful creditors and ...
33. SONICblue
The reorganization of SONICblue, Inc. has been tragically marred by the misdeeds of professionals - Judge Marilyn Morgan  SONICblue: Criminal Conspiracy - Deceit - Fraud Upon the Court - By Estate ...
34. Federal Dissent
... problems with the current practices of professionals involved in the bankruptcy process due to the self regulation and self policing mechanisms which purport to regulate, albiet in secret, the actions ...
35. Judge Paul G. Hyman
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This Judge is right out of Alice in Wonderland He can look at the same facts and come up with diametrically opposed rulings merely by considering the domicile of the bankruptcy "professionals" involved. ...
36. Judge: Hide This
... Statement, filed in this case under docket number 2210, contains impertinent and scandalous matter attacking the various professionals in these cases, including personnel of the United States Trustee Program. ...
37. Issues
... would think that any buy side firm would want to avoid having themselves eventually thrust into a government RICO feeding frenzy as a result of association with "professionals" encumbered with clouded ...
38. Conflict of Interest
... To Represent Their Client & Corruption The biggest problem in a bankruptcy case is that the professionals who run the case are corrupt, that they keep the money for themselves, that the Judge is ...
39. Preet Bharara
... with anyone connected to the retained professionals of the estate (see US Trustee Motion to Disgorge parts 19 & 35 (here)) It is factual that the DE Bankruptcy Court and US Trustee's office are ...
40. CA Atty Self Regulation
... Claims trading has increased significantly in large bankruptcy cases, and Next has observed a commensurate increase in practices and actions of bankruptcy professionals that is, at best, unethical. While ...
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