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21. Anne M. McCormick
... creditor’s such as Foothill Capital/Wells Fargo who loaned $40 million to eToys in November 2000 and transacted over $100 million prior to March 7, 2001. Your agency failed to object to Paul Traub’s application ...
22. Romney "in Play"
... (“CLI”) locally. Haas sued Mitt Romney for $100 million today for Racketeering in the Central Federal District Court in Los Angeles at 3:47 pm. The case was assigned to the Honorable District Justice Stephen ...
23. Bill Schuette
Important Updates 2014 Bill Schuette's Scienter on Detroit Bill Schuette's Silly Bragging about $200 crooks, while $200 Million organized crime families flourish under his pointy nose - a scathing commentary ...
24. Detroit In Play
(Frontpage Content/Frontpage)
... a just appointment of Jones Day arises by their pre-filing multi-million dollar legal services on matters directly related to the bankruptcy filing. To be clear, it's not necessary for Stephen Brogan's ...
25. Eric Holder
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... the greatest threat to our Nation's freedom and existence. Neo-Mafia: "Turn On Your Lovelight" To be sure, the lawyers who flip-flop through the revolving door between multi-million dollar per year ...
26. Goliath's Cullions
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... at a $20 million dollar deal from Mr. Assage. Bizarrely, though the parties KNOW I will not take a bribe and do "deals" quasi; it turns out that Mr. Assage is a peddler of SWAG (unlicensed goods ...
27. Brendan R. McGuire
... Seems you'll have to make a permanent choice between an eventual multimillion dollar law firm partnership, and the simple honor of doing your job whilst the truelly powerful 1% rich are held accountable ...
28. Cuomo EthicsGate
... Governor Cuomo I respectfully request that you telephone Assistant U.S. Attorney  [**REDACTED**] and ask whether there is any credible evidence in the millions of documents, currently under court ...
29. Menendez CNN Lies
... secretly hoping to score a partnership in a BigLaw firm - with well over $2 Million per year.  Let's see - $136K versus $2,250K .... Yes, one year as a partner would get these lawyers as much money, or ...
30. Pedophile Menendez
... The only question is how far down.  If you cut a deal and inform on some organized crime, you'll merely be the "former Senator from New Jersey" and you'll  still make millions on a book deal.  But if you ...
31. Romney Stoned
... "de-regulated" by lawyers within our DOJ so as to ingratiate themselves with the same million dollar partnership hosting law firms and hedge funds which they desire to work at after their "government service" ...
32. JP Morgan vs. Dewey
... would be forced to the table to help bail out these lawyers. Do you trust lawyers? Do you trust them more if they've genuinely been burned themselves, to the tune of millions? Oh, you pitiful top-ten ...
33. Innocent's Imperative
... millions of dollars per year, some of them many millions. Not to mention the extra mural insider trading profits, but we digress. How would you like to be able to have multi, multi-millionaire lawyer, ...
34. JP Morgan Culpability
... comment in the venerable commercial media, including from lawyers, which has trouble viewing the $125 Million dollar folly as in conformance with a rational world view. Perhaps our inner Don Rickles is ...
35. Dewey LePerp
... the downfall of a law firm due two a few hundred million dollars when the firm was being sued for $3Billion for conduct we believe was criminal under RICO laws faces charges of first-degree grand ...
36. Greatest Conflict Yet
... the firm is not just failing because they have a cash flow problem. The firm is under water like whale shoot on the bottom of the ocean floor. Let's look at the liabilities again: $ 75 Million credit ...
37. ex post Dewey
... hide the General American Mutual misconduct. The "resolution" has a timing just too coincidental with the $155 Million dollar "Accounting Something". We can't state for certain how far beyond Davis, ...
38. Dewey Connect The Dots
... persons prancing upon their public stage. So let's see what's in play so far: The $155 Million Dollar Accounting "Something" Dewey LeBoeuf publicly reported to industry scorecards that for 2011 they ...
39. Jon Corzine
New Item: Memo contradicts Jon Corzine testimony Who'd have seen this coming? Jon Corzine, sleazy former governor and Goldman Sachs tool, caught in his first "he said / she said" of the MF Global crimes. ...
40. Dewey LeBoeuf: Viability
... signaled the gang was in play "Rapidly Sinking" Dewey LeBoeuf ATL May 9 Morton A. Pierce to Dewey "You owe Me $61 Million" DnOLiability May 8 ...
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