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Senator Pedophile

Anatomy of a cover up

How much of the mainstream media, the FBI, and the DOJ is involved in the hush hush cover up of the pedophilia activity of a U.S. Senator? Bob Menendez liked to pay for sex with very young girls, underage.  This Menendez Scandal is not merely a Prostitution Scandal - It is called Pedophilia.

BankruptcyMisconduct will be bringing the supposed defenders of women's rights, and fighters against the international child sex trade, to the microphone to speak up on this one.

And as coincidence goes, wouldn't be a hoot if Bob Menendez also took part in the cover-up of Organized Crime in Federal Bankruptcy Cases? ... Stay tuned gang!!!

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The Menendez Implosion is gaining momentum.  Here is an add calling into question the prudence of entrusting to much power and responsibility to a man when each day we learn more bad things about this embarrassing public official.

Download a copy of the Menendez_American_Future_Fund_Ad.jpg ad.

More in the document trail of the early state of the Menendez Implosion.  The prostitution / pedophile scandal started with these eMails from the pen name "Peter Williams" to Carrie Levine of CREW.

When the "critical mass" of credibility passed a certain threshold, Ms. Levine boldly forwarded this eMail collection to the FBI.  While some extremists will no doubt chastise Ms. Levine for "turning on our own", we hail her efforts against corruption.

Download Menendez_eMails_whistleblower_Peter_Williams_Senator_Pedophile_Prostitution.pdf for free from BankruptcyMisconduct.

The more we read about Bob Menendez - "Senator Pedophile" - the more all of the ugliness is revealing itself to be true. 

It seems the web site that broke the underage prostitution story didn't make up the FBI agent.  There really is an agent by the name of Regino E. Chavez and in fact he does investigate and prosecute pedophiles.

"For now", we just have this download item on Special Agent Chavez.  We may devote a full page to him soon, because he won an award it seems.  We want to make Chavez (and all other adults involved in the Menendez hush hush) a household name!

This document is a free download of an actual criminal complaint against a man having sex with an underage girl (by the way - same age as Menendez's young girls).  Now the man Chavez prosecutes in this example is not a connected Politician in the control of organized crime, nor is he White.  Senator Menendez is a white U.S. Senator. 

Thus we see the black guy getting hammered by the law.  And Senator Menendez still is getting his federal benefits, including free postage.

Who can help us on this?  Maybe Al Sharpton can explain why pedophilia only gets punished when a black man is caught?  Maybe if Menendez was only a teacher, or priest, or a dentist he'd be prosecuted.  

Hey Bob, would you please mail me a written responce to my questions?

Senator Bob Menendez Underage ProstitutesYou've got to read this dossier on the corrupt Senator from New Jersey who has a thing for underage prostitutes.  We thank fedsinvestigationonsenmenendez.wordpress.com for sourcing this document.  It seems pretty darn legit to us.

You've got to read the eMail paper trail.  These wordpress people, brave patriots even if they are wise enough to keep a low profile, even created a fantastic diagram to make it easy.

Hey Bob, you know who I am.  You threatened arrested after I informed you of corruption at the DOJ.  Didn't know you were doing biz with organized crime at the time...