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Sen. Bob Menendez NJ sex with underage Prostitutes
Details for Sen. Bob Menendez NJ sex with underage Prostitutes
NameSen. Bob Menendez NJ sex with underage Prostitutes

Senator Bob Menendez Underage ProstitutesYou've got to read this dossier on the corrupt Senator from New Jersey who has a thing for underage prostitutes.  We thank fedsinvestigationonsenmenendez.wordpress.com for sourcing this document.  It seems pretty darn legit to us.

You've got to read the eMail paper trail.  These wordpress people, brave patriots even if they are wise enough to keep a low profile, even created a fantastic diagram to make it easy.

Hey Bob, you know who I am.  You threatened arrested after I informed you of corruption at the DOJ.  Didn't know you were doing biz with organized crime at the time...


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