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61. Romney's illicit Profit
...  You can do your country a great service – stopping Large organized criminals in their tracks All you have to do is ask What did Bain’s law firm in DE (MNAT) get a cake walk for 15 confessions to false ...
62. Judge Bransten begs
...  a New York Bar Complaint first? Andrew Cuomo, for failing to prosecute, or even file a bar complaint against, Eliot Spitzer for his longstanding business ties to organized crime and money launderin ...
63. Stone & Webster
BankruptcyMisconduct promises you a series of fascinating, and at times shocking, analytical pieces regarding the criminal organization known as Stone & Webster. We will show you a series of documents ...
64. MF Global - Overview
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...  by this sort of organized crime than there are criminals. You should band together and make your list of prosecutors & politicians that your ad hoc committee decides to designate as your true advocate ...
65. Self Regulation
... the self perpetuating legal bubble, and the enrichment of organized crime rings at the expense of productive citizenry. BankruptcyMisconduct has free downloads of documents related to lawyer self regulation. ...
66. Kasowitz Fee Padding
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...  themselves as they position for competition in a reorganized ethical playing field of law. A new paradigm will emerge which works t ...
67. Revolving Door Feds
68. To Rat, or Not To Rat
... the worst offenders in an organized crime ring and cutting special deals for the alert and informed parties that proactively reduce their risk whilst aiding justice. It's just that Game Theory 101 covers ...
69. WaMu WaMu
... y legacy? Neo-Mafia likes things as they are Organized Crime would not be as profitable if some of its associates suffered for their part in an orchestrated feeding frenzy. BankruptcyMisconduct readers a ...
70. Color Of Law
... ules to favor secret affiliates, when a prosecutor abuses Prosecutorial Discretion in refusing to bring charges against his organized crime associates, or when an SEC official seeks personal adva ...
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