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61. Mitt's Tangled Web
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... these lawyers he respects so much into illegal positions of conflict of interest. Sure, Mitt and Bain benefited over and over financially from conflicted lawyers. Earth to Mitt: It's the conflicted lawyers, ...
62. Dewey LeBoeuf: Viability
...  The recent history of Dewey & LeBoeuf shows a firm with ethical, legal, and financial issues which we believe put in question their survival as a going concern. Beginning in December of 2011 and ...
63. Bingham McCutchen: Viability
... count to nearly 2,000 lawyers and could vault the firm into the top five U.S. law firms by gross revenue." Morgan Lewis takes on 227 Bingham McCutchen partners, sidesteps merger LegalWeek Nov 14, 2014 ...
64. Bruce Bennett
... in his "professional" history. To be sure, Bruce has some serious legal specific talent and knowledge.  Sadly he also suffers from that too oft found moldering frailty of envy, festering into a reckless ...
65. Romney's illicit Profit
... â€“ Law Firm and sign such affidavit(s) Bain owns Toys R Us Toys R Us – ILLEGALLY – owns the stolen property of eToys Toys R Us also owns FAO Schwartz, Kay Bee Toys, Baby Universe and The Parent ...
66. Judge Bransten begs
... name who will be embracing his own Hobson's choice regarding compulsory referral." In simple words - we saw through the pageantry and perceptual blindness on the part of Joseph A. Piesco, Jr. and the legal ...
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