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21. Anne M. McCormick
... Haas                                                                       December 29, 2013 eToys Bankruptcy Professional Whistle Blower v eToys Crimes & Corruption Anne M. McCormick Acting Associate ...
22. Romney's RICO
I will gladly pay you a Big Whopper  next Tuesday for your quiet patience today      - Blimpie   (Jan 9, 14) Mitt Romney's Easy Money via BankruptcyMisconduct becomes Karma Sandwich Lot's of downloads ...
23. Romney "in Play"
Mitt Romney and his cohorts in a various bankruptcy cases are now officially "in play" Laser Haas just won't go away, and the corruption in Delaware will have to straddle the entire country to try to ...
24. Judge, Hide More
... Trustee to cry foul. https://twitter.com/tomhals/status/375608477890015233 Steven Haas, who was hired as a litigation consultant in the bankruptcy and then barred from participating for criticizing ...
25. Goliath's Cullions
(Frontpage Content/Frontpage)
Another eMail from Laser Haas stubbornly restokes the smokey fires nipping at the heels of the widespread dirty players in the Bankruptcy Ring woven around eToys. Each party is further connected with ...
26. Brendan R. McGuire
Another Fed Gets Woven Into the eToys Crime & Cover-Up  Oh Brendan, it's a sad day for Ireland when another of her children is crushed between the dreams of opportunity and the cold stone walls of corruption.  ...
27. DOJ "Mea Chutzpah"
... know that Ms. Appelbaum is full of cowshit. But it was Laser Haas who really puts this heffer in her place. Just after are short comment, you will find copies of the three page retort by Laser to The Appelbaum ...
28. Romney's illicit Profit
... is benefiting from Federal Fraud. First – as Full Disclosure – your reporting these crimes – helps Laser Haas However, that is no substantial reason to decline to report the facts. I, Steven ...
29. Mitt Romney
(Frontpage Content/Frontpage)
***New Update*** Documents recently released include sworn allegations of multiple crimes committed to benefit Mitt Romney and Bain Capital. These documents are now available for free in a new document ...
30. Roberta DeAngelis "in play"
...  Besides, you are too handsome for prison... Re: Bad Faith Criminal cover up of Organized Crime by Roberta DeAngelis and Mark Kenney of the US Trustee Program From: Laser Haas <laser.haas@yahoo.com> ...
31. WolfBlock
... that be' would like you readers of BankruptcyMisconduct.com to believe that the efforts of a growing list of brave industry whistleblowers such as Lynn LoPucki, Joseph Doherty, Laser Haas, Meryl Lanson, ...
32. Minnesota Half Step
... thinking twice ... get yourself a powder charge and seal that silver mine - Words by Robert Hunter ----- Forwarded Message ---- From: Laser Haas To: Joe Dixon DOJ MN Cc: John Docherty DOJ MN ...
33. Preet's Potato
... through the middle of town. At any rate, there is an interesting assertion in the eMail to the law firm Epstein Becker & Green P.C. which is reproduced below, authored by none other than Laser Haas "The ...
34. Judge: Hide This
... are in the form of a whistleblower document that was sworn under penalty of perjury by Laser Haas. Rather than evaluate the sworn allegations by the whistleblower, Smelly Kelly Stapleton acts to cover ...
35. Preet Bharara
... peeps!   And as promised by Laser Haas (Preet, you should be so brave as he) we reproduce the following eMail (emphasis added) exchange sent for your protection. ________________________ ...
36. Countdown
...  Listen to the Music: ____________________ ____________________ From: Laser Haas To: OLEC@leo.gov Cc: Senator Leahy VT ; Robert ...
37. Goldman Sachs
... emphasis added. Our reading, simplification, of this document is that one particular bankruptcy professional, this guy Laser Haas, got suspicious because a bunch of other "professionals" kept opposing ...
38. GAO vs. DOJ
... or protecting in any stage of a cover-up. See Title 18 U.S.C. 's 1001, 2, 3 & 4 ... You should cover the bases for yourself! Laser Haas, who has brought many instances of misconduct and fraud to ...
39. FBI raids DOJ
Well this Laser Haas guy is some sort of hero to me, and I'll share one of his recent eMails with ya'll below. Here is a summary of the exciting news on the Bankruptcy Ring front: The FBI raids ...
40. Fed vs DOJ
... in any stage of a cover-up. See Title 18 U.S.C. sections's 1001, 2, 3 & 4 You should cover the bases for yourself! Laser Haas is accepting anonymously, and forwarding, evidence and facts related ...
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