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21. Judge Bransten begs
...  a New York Bar Complaint first? Andrew Cuomo, for failing to prosecute, or even file a bar complaint against, Eliot Spitzer for his longstanding business ties to organized crime and money launderin ...
22. Revolving Door Feds
23. Color Of Law
... nd fueled by a growing number of revelations of public official misconduct including: Prosecutorial abuses such as by Mike Nifong, Eric Holder, and Eliot Spitzer Judicial abuses including by Paul ...
24. Bankruptcy Pimp Disbarred
... of Eliot Spitzer was finally disbarred. Big Daddy Lou laundered his profits through a fraudulent charity, just like the organized crime family in New Jersey which was involved with bankruptcy fraud and ...
25. Prosecutorial Discretion
... r get away with failing to prosecute a crime? Just ask Eliot Spitzer. If he were to answer honestly, Spitzer would say that engaging in a frenzy of prosecutions of arbitrary entiti ...
26. Honest Services Fraud
... defraud us of his honest services by failing to prosecute a crime?   Just ask Eliot Spitzer. If he were to answer honestly, Spitzer would say that engaging in a frenzy of prosecutions of entities ...
27. Andrew Cuomo
... lawyers themselves, or even dirty bankruptcy judges. In any event, the blatant and undeniable intersection between the corrupt masquerades of Andrew Cuomo and Eliot Spitzer as they pretended to prosecute ...
28. Andrew Cuomo Protects Bankruptcy Mafia
(Frontpage Content/Frontpage)
... organized crime in the Lehman bankruptcy. The Sad parallels between the corrupt reign of Eliot Spitzer and Andrew Cuomo are epitomized by the failure of Cuomo to investigate the numerous decisions ...
29. Eliot Spitzer
BankruptcyMisconduct.com has a number of articles that mention Eliot Spitzer, Esq. - the short lived Governor of New York State and one time presumed air to the presidency of the U.S.A. Eliot is mentioned ...
30. Gallery Of Shame
A Gallery of artwork depicting many shameful characters, firms, government tools, crime families, scams, and cover-ups of interest to BankruptcyMisconduct.com readers. Dynamic and static images follow, ...
31. Paul Bergrin & Eliot Spitzer
(Frontpage Content/Frontpage)
... about who profited from all those Little Playmate Coolers ______ Paul Bergrin, Esquire and Eliot Spitzer, #9 are both formerly State Prosecutors and U.S. Attorneys within the U.S. Department of Justice. ...
32. Paul Bergrin
Eliot Spitzer's brother former Federal DA had someone murdered it seems Paul W. Bergrin was found guilty on all counts! Murder Witness Tampering Prostitution Read the press release. What do Paul Wayne ...
33. Tri-State Crime Family
... below, so we'll just remind the reader of the names of prosecutor Eliot Spitzer and bankruptcy lawyer Lou Posner. Inextricably intertwined with the actions of these crime families and the public officials ...
34. James M. Peck
Watch & Read how Andrew Cuomo - as the corrupt NY Attorney General / Governor wannabe following in the footsteps of Eliot Spitzer - protected wife beating Judge James M. Peck from prosecution and disbarment. ...
35. Preet Bharara
... 2013 ******* Preet The Pervert Bharara seems to have even more in common with the pervert Eliot Spitzer then we first imagined. While Spitzer sloppily attacked scores of high profile "out of network" ...
36. Spitzer & the Neo-Mafia
We Demand The Appointment Of A Special Prosecutor: To Investigate Eliot Spitzer's Long Reign of Abuse of Prosecutorial Discretion and his Failures To Pursue Organized Crime Involving his Associates.  ...
... RICO and commit countless mega frauds with impunity. Perhaps Mr. Cuomo will seek the appointment of a Federal Special Prosecutor to examine the decades long relationship of Eliot Spitzer to organized ...
38. Officers Hiding
... the demise of Bear Stearns, the demise (still in process) of Eliot Spitzer, the unfolding national financial catastrophe encompassing many financial institutions - the fall of the dollar - and inflation?. ...
39. Soprano Suicide Deja Vu
... trying to score some wealth pay doing favors?   Here is the real skinny: Gary Berwick , the recently retired NY State Trooper who was involved with the security detail for Eliot Spitzer , did ...
40. Dreier Crime Family
... crime investigation . ( Those crazy Italians... ) Eliot Spitzer gains fames as the first of the Spitzer Family to get caught in a scandal involving the corruption of public officials by organized ...
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