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41. Schuette Fears Giants
... upon them) who abuse Pro Hac Vice in order to loot Detroit, out of state lawyers who protect their often hidden clients, as they blatantly violate conflict of interest law and ethics rules. Bill is afraid ...
42. Preet's Epic Punts
... crime in U.S. history. Hedge Fund/Bank Lawyer Conflict Of Interest Scandals - Preet Bharara has focused solely on the little guy to nap a few meager insider trading cases whilst ignoring the vastly larger, ...
43. Romney's Valentine
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Mitt Romney was about to receive a very special 2014 Valentine! That 2nd Amended Complaint has got to hurt! Happy Valentines Day to Mitt Romney
44. Judicial Malfeasance
... with the court as to their conflict of interest, it is a willful crime. Since counsel is required to maintain adequate information systems to be aware of even potential conflict of interest, there ...
45. Anne M. McCormick
... and has failed to seek the disqualification of MNAT even after it confessed lying under oath more than a dozen times – whilst concealing Goldman Sachs conflicts of interest. Additionally, Paul Traub’s ...
46. Romney's RICO
... already at BankruptcyMisconduct's free downloads section concerning the Racketeering Lawsuit Against Mitt Romney, as well as the long eToys story of conflict of interest violations, cover-up, and long ...
47. Catch The Whiff
... restrictions upon the profession.  Conflict Of Interest violations and false sworn oaths continue to blacken the nearly unbridled profession. While George Bernard Shaw said that “All professions are ...
48. Fake Chance
... you: The Jones Day lawyers have an undisputed dirty history of misconduct, including inexcusable violations of well settled Conflict Of Interest law. We believe that any lawyer in Michigan is empowered, ...
49. Judge, Hide More
... have engaged in conflicts of interest." New readers of BankruptcyMisconduct may not know about the featured cover up order which sullied Smelly Kelly Stapleton which we called "Judge, Hide This".  Now ...
50. Jones Day's Demise Wish
... was immediately doubtful of the legitimacy and ethical propriety of Jones Day vis a vis their attempts to represent Detroit under their presumption that they aren't conflicted by fact and law. You just ...
51. Workers' Jeopardy
... a fair outcome being controlled by Jones Day - a BigLaw firm of lawyers with a history of conflict of interest violations.  How can Workers stand a chance when billion dollar Hedge Funds reign influence ...
52. Pro Hac Vice
... this process opens up the door to allow any given state to apply their local state professional ethics and conflict of interest laws to the visitng lawyers.  In fact, pro hac vice allows each state a safety ...
53. Schuette's Detroit Scienter
Update 2014 BankruptcyMisconduct is once again shown to be clairvoyant.  Traditional media are picking up on the inherent Conflict Of Interest issue involving Jones Day and the Detroit Bankruptcy case.  ...
54. Bill Schuette
... persons as to the truthfulness of their fillings, and the knowledge and experience they are assumed to have.  A lawyer may not used trickery, and for certain sworn oaths (such as those related to conflict ...
55. Jones Day Swallows Slop
To Understand what BankruptcyMisconduct means when we describe Jones Day as swallowing sloppy thirds slop, you must first read how we presciently described Bruce Bennett and his dirty bankruptcy team as ...
56. Detroit In Play
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BankruptcyMisconduct is once again shown to be clairvoyant. Traditional media are picking up on the inherent Conflict Of Interest issue involving Jones Day and the Detroit Bankruptcy case. Whenever ...
57. Eric Holder
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During the last 100 years, the U.S. Attorney General who has best exemplified the machinations of our Department of Justice is non other than Eric Holder. Wake Up and Smell the Self Serving Implementation ...
58. Goliath's Cullions
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... a growing list of Feds whose own actions, or inactions, presage quite an interesting Act II. Oh, what a tangled web does conflict weave. Stay tuned... ____________________________________________________________ ...
59. Silicon Graphics
... Procedure, he first identifies conflict of interest at the root of the problem.  Ladies and gentlemen, we need not investigate anything further than the easily determined facts of the conflict of interest ...
... it seems must be suffering some sort of conflict of interest because we can't fathom why he's not talking for a deal). We have a new page COMING SOON devoted to our analysis of this neo-development, ...
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