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41. Donna Sturman
...  and resolution of this matter. Until that time, we offer these materials at our download section, as well as the copy of a letter to the U.S. Trustee's office appearing below, for academics, unbridle ...
42. Leslie Fay
43. Minnesota Half Step
... lture professional firm. Favors are the ultimate fiat currency in the Prosecutorial Discretion game. Then again, lawyers within the Office of the U. S. Trustee hold no discretion, they are manda ...
45. Suzzanne Uhland
Suzzanne S. Uhland, Esquire (CA State Bar #136852) is just starting her own 15 minutes of fame. Profiles in Dishonesty To Rat, or Not To Rat Uhland Walking Irish Neo Mafia BigLaw protects each other's ...
... d by the revolving door Office of the U.S. Trustee, many bankruptcy judges, and the largest of our BigLaw law firms has embraced Fraud Upon The Court as a fundamental business model. Large law fir ...
47. SONICblue
... of a corruption of immense proportions. The DOJ fails miserably in its duty to oversee the bankruptcy industry. Their Office Of The U.S. Trustee is a joke as it is merely launching pad for careers ...
48. Federal Dissent
...  -- U.S. Attorney General John D. Ashcroft "It appears that the watchdog needs watchdogging". - Exact words of a Federal Judge describing the U.S. Trustees at the DOJ, whose role is to act a ...
49. Lehman FireSale Fraud
... worth. There are all sorts of laws and rules to protect the public against this most basic type of bankruptcy fraud. But laws and rules only work when lawyers, U. S. Trustees, and Federal Bankruptcy ...
50. Preet's Potato
... gt;; Excutive Office for U.S. Trustees <ustrustee.program@usdoj.gov>; Senator Leahy VT <senator_leahy@leahy.senate.gov>; senator@cornyn.senate.gov; "senator@feinstein.senate.gov" <senator@feinstein.s ...
51. Catharsis Burgeoning
... s from the Office of the U.S. Trustee should take note. Just like "Denial" - Catharsis ain't just a pig cull in Egypt. And for the larger family of lawyers who have seen the dirt but said nothi ...
52. New Jersey Neo-Mafia Crime Family
(Frontpage Content/Frontpage)
Human Kidneys for sale by a Bankruptcy Ring based in NJ. Corrupt politicians, fake charities laundering money. Hoboken's Mayor Peter J. Cammarano III and Secaucus' Mayor Dennis Elwell were arrested ...
53. Judge: Hide This
... superfluous, moot, or waived. It doesn't state how the criminal allegations were handled by Stapleton and her brother revolving door U.S. Trustee fed lawyers, or even claim they were handled correctly ...
54. Tri-State Crime Family
Surprise of Surprises: New Jersey organized crime family, (with bankruptcy crime involvement) is caught "red handed" in the illegal human organ trade. That Bankruptcy Fraud, by organized crime lawyers, ...
55. Quid Pro Quo
... U.S. Trustee's have no authority to excuse, waive, or release any party for crime. Nevertheless, many of the BigLaw bankruptcy law firms which handle the largest MegaCases routinely repay ...
56. Conflict of Interest
57. Preet Bharara
... ruptcy case? And how about Judge Arthur J. Gonzalez's and the U.S. Trustees' failure to take action to the attorney's sworn admission? Are you comfortable with this precedent which may e ...
58. CA Atty Self Regulation
... ptcy proceeding, without full disclosure to all parties including the Court, the U.S. Trustee, beneficiaries of the fiduciary obligations of the Debtor In Possession ("DIP") included as exhibits an ori ...
59. Countdown
... fiduciaries or it is obstruction. You are extensively knowledgeable concerning fraud and theft of estate assets. Also, you remarked, in California, that you had parties who were former Trustee and ...
60. DOJ: Trustee Scorecard
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