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... and Marc J. Fagel - to the unforgettable cover up of SEC violations involving the multi billion dollar hedge fund known as Oaktree Capital, and their conflicted professionals. "I am surprised that enforcement ...
... are the rest of the Executive Committee of Dewey LeBoeuf who must have known about many of the frauds, and in particular the outside Finance, Banking, Accounting, and Legal professionals who had knowledge ...
3. Judge, please hide this!
(Download:Bharara's Pretender Legacy)
... s added): The Haas Statement, filed in this case under docket number 2210, contains impertinent and scandalous matter attacking the various professionals in these cases, including personnel of  ...
5. Affidavit of Haas
(Download:Haas RICO smackdown vs. Mitt Romney, Bain Capital, Traub)
This sworn affidavit by Haas establishes his standing as a party in interest to the eToys bankruptcy case, in which allegations are made connecting Mitt Romney to a number of lawyers and bankruptcy professionals ...
6. COS on Romney / eToys
(Download:Haas RICO smackdown vs. Mitt Romney, Bain Capital, Traub)
Remember, our laws which are designed to protect us from organized crime, such as the well known pattern of Bankruptcy Rings involving law firms and professionals, only work when the lawyers employed by ...
(Download:HBD, Oaktree Capital, & Aureal)
...  its largest stockholder, the claims trader who purchased the majority of claims in amount and number, and one or more of the other "professionals" hired by the debtor's estate. ...
13. Emergency Writ for eToys
(Download:eToys Cover-Up)
15. SONICblue's Irish Neo-Mafia "O'Tools"
(Frontpage Content/Frontpage)
... e fraud on the court". "The reorganization of SONICblue, Inc. has been tragically marred by the misdeeds of professionals" - Judge Marilyn Morgan Read how Ron Oliner belatedly did his d ...
16. Christmas Show 2019
(Frontpage Content/Frontpage)
... two higher resolution versions, up to 720p HD video if your internet connection can handle it. There is so much to say about this Christmas work of art. There are many bankruptcy "professionals" depicted ...
18. Innocent's Imperative
...  bankruptcy cases are abused by Debtors' management and their "professionals", we believe that only the protections and safeguards of a federal proceeding will provide victims some chance to minimize thei ...
19. JP Morgan Culpability
... heted upwards as the muck is trolled by "estate professionals" who are paid from the headless fee pot. Partners who are not interested in personally funding the hundreds of ...
20. Dewey LePerp
... ing in 2010. Accounting Fraud, financial fraud, false sworn statements. We believe the fraud will entangle professionals at external banking and financial institutions, and unless they wis ...
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