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Seriously, why would anyone want to hire Ms. Kelly B. Stapleton for anything? Why would any "person", particularly one undergoing any sort of financial issues, wish to draw unneeded attention to their ...
42. Suzzanne Uhland
...  Sure, it's sort of like the eToys & Aureal bankruptcy cases: top heavy with high dollar law firms, massive web of conflicts, fraudulent disclosure of conflicts by various counsel to the Court, and a belated ...
43. Gallery Of Shame
44. Preet's Potato
...  There is no fraud like eToys, the cover-up which keeps exposing naked chiefs proudly walking bare ass'ed through the middle of town. At any rate, there is an interesting assertion in the eM ...
45. Judge: Hide This
Truth Ignored While Fed Lawyer Asks Judge To Protect Her Brethren See how our corrupt government lawyers' motion to hide the eToys crime allegations plainly sidesteps truth and justice. These allegations ...
46. eToys Mania
(Frontpage Content/Frontpage)
47. Preet Bharara
...  Bharara handled the hot potato of eToys crimes. Read our analysis of what The New York Times has to say about Preet Bharara's sad record, also reported here. Download free documents ab ...
48. Countdown
... US Trustee had [warned] discussions about not replacing key personnel of the Debtor, with anyone connected to the retained professionals of eToys, Mr Perch also reflected in the Disgorge motion, that ...
49. Goldman Sachs
We have said it before about The eToys Perjury Matter and we'll say it again: This eToys case just won't go away! How many public servants will audaciously contort themselves like a tangled ostrich ...
50. Kelly Beaudin Stapleton
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...  There is WebSci, Stone & Webster (watch for a new series of pages in the coming year adding content to the current page Here) and of course the eToys case culminating in her "Judge, Please Hide This" ...
51. Pillsbury Winthrop
...  above oath and honor. Like in Sonic Blue, we have blatant frauds upon the Court in the eToys and Aureal bankruptcy cases. The Aureal case crimes took place in the very same district court as Soni ...
52. O'Brien's Dilemma
...  a written complaint by the whistle-blower to the eToys fraud involving BigLaw law firms and alleged cover up by lawyers affiliated with the wrongdoers working at the Department Of Justice. In a bol ...
... its and destroying our nation: Sub-Prime Mortgage Fraud, Worldcom, Enron, Global Crossing, Adelphia, eToys, Bear Stearns, Nursing Home Industry, Health Care corruption, and countless more frauds, cor ...
54. GAO vs. DOJ
... ry began. Roberta DeAngelis was the Acting General Counsel in Washington DC and was one of the persons the FBI and Office of Professioan Responsibilty instructed the eToys shareholders to contact w ...
55. FBI raids DOJ
... message --- The eToys investigation is coming.... Date: Tue, 6 May 2008 9:27 pm We thank Senator Feinstein and her colleagues for stepping up and Standing Tall! It is hard for those that are entrusted ...
56. Officers Hiding
...  the national financial crisis through astounding RICO fines - why not look at cases such as Worldcom , eToys, Aureal? When are the FBI and DOJ going to open their eyes and take action against th ...
57. Soprano Suicide Deja Vu
... deep into federal and state law enforcement, but they are a minority, and at point they get sloppy as they attempt to protect each other. The echoes of Enron, Worldcom, eToys , Global Crossing, ...
58. Dreier Crime Family
Paul Traub and Marc S. Dreier are named together as New York Superlawyers in September 2008. "Attorneys selected for inclusion in Super Lawyers account for approximately five percent of the New York ...
59. Bankruptcy Pimp
...  and the fact that we can all see these beginning changes is undeniable. We can't reveal everything, but rest assured that the eToys scanda ...
60. WebSci & the coming backlash
... who hide client relationships from the bankruptcy court: ________________________________ ________________________________ Re: eToys Faces Class Action Lawsuit Posted ...
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