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We have long been disgusted by the scourge of dirty lawyers abusing their so-called "clients" for illicit profits:

Lawyers who run a case to enrich themselves & their hidden hedge fund friends. But this is different when we are talking about an entire city, and the retirements of scores of public employees, teachers, firemen, and police officers.

Will Americans let dirty lawyers - with a rich history of conflict of interest violations - rape Detroit like drunken sailors passing around an unconscious teenager in the back room of a third world bar?

Will you let Kevyn Orr "traffic in favors" with his Neo-Mafia associates at the infamous Jones Day law firm?

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As sneaky as Jones Day and their mole Kevyn Orr may be, their tracks are easy to follow indeed.  They pretend to want to set up a genuine committee of Retirees with their motion filed 7/19/2013 at docket #0020.  Then they wait for the poor shmo's to respond to that motion.  Then the real motion to appoint the retiree committee is filed on 8/1/2013 at docket #0254 but this motion provides for the retirees to be hamstrung from the get go.

You've got to love how they announce the switch "Notice of Proposed Form of Order in Respect of Motion".

Download the switched form of order Detroit_0254_Proposed_Order_Appointment_Retiree_Ctee_Hamstrung.pdf for free from BankruptcyMisconduct

The actions of Bill Schuette in the Detroit Bankruptcy case seem like he doesn't understand that you can't have your cake and eat it too, that you can't go for easy political points with meaningless rhetoric when you have no genuine intention of fighting for the people of Detroit.  Especially when you have always been a Tea Party darling.

The conundrum for Bill is that he initially took a stance on the side of pensioners in the Detroit bankruptcy case.  But then he went further, he filed a notice of appearance, and you can download a copy here.  Thus, Bill Schuette officially identified himself as a party in interest at the start of the case, and as the chief law enforcement officer, and chief attorney member of Michigan's self-regulation bar, he's bitten quite a big bite indeed.  It seems that Schuette may have his proverbial nuts caught on the fence which straddles the plausible deniability of not knowing about the Jones Day lawyers on one side, and the plight of current and future pensioners on the other side.

Or maybe the 53rd Attorney General of Michigan is smarter than we first thought.

Maybe Mr. Schuette has plans to smack down the dirty lawyers at Jones Day, given their known track record, and the dirty circumstances under which the Open Meetings laws where circumvented.  Maybe Bill will do Georgetown proud by obeying his oath to uphold the Michigan Rules of Professional Conduct by investigating the misconduct by certain lawyers who knowingly accepted pro hac vice self-regulation in Michigan.  And if the Attorney General is not empowered to make inquiry and complaint, then self regulation is a blatant fraud on the public.

Download for free your own copy of Detroit_Appearance_Scienter_Bill_Schuette.pdf

Download for free a copy of Bill Schuette's press release wherein he claims that he will fight for the rights of pensioners in the Detroit bankruptcy case.

BankruptcyMisconduct has placed a few comments in the pdf of Bill's press release: Important questions that anyone hoping to receive their pension must ask!

  • Bill: What investigation have you done of the known Conflict Of Interest violations by the Jones Day lawyers?

  • Bill: Why wait for the dirty lawyers to steamroll a plan that enriches their hidden hedge fund speculator clients?  Why not fight now to ensure the lawyers have a clean conflict track record?

  • What about Bill Schuette's responsibilities under the Michigan Rules of Professional Conduct?  Such as Rules 1.10, 1.7, 8.3, and 8.4


Bill Schuette is the Attorney General - the Chief Law Enforcement Officer for the State of Michigan.  He has every tool that he could possibly need to eject any law firm with a dirty past from practising within any court located in the state, including Federal Bankruptcy courts. 

Schuette could investigate already disclosed misconduct by the Jones Day lawyers, and pursue new leads, like ties to hedge funds that are speculating for quick profits on Detroit's debt.

How entertaining that Kevyn Orr writes a plan for Detroit, when he omits the very basis, purpose, and foundation of his genuine scheme.  There is "The Truth", and then there is "The Whole Truth".

Orr schemed with his Jones Day associated lawyers who have a dirty track record of Conflict Of Interest violations to benefit their sometimes hidden hedge fund clients.

Should we be surprised that Mr. Orr intentionally withheld from the public the most important truth, fundamental to any understanding of his initial intentions and motivations.

Jones Day has always had one prime purpose, and Kevin Orr has always been the mole planted to ensure Jones Day would be King of the Vultures feeding upon Detroit.

Kevyn Orr is the pimp which will shame Detroit, and Jones Day is the meat grinder.

Those who fail to study history are doomed to repeat it.