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41. Spitzer & the Neo-Mafia
We Demand The Appointment Of A Special Prosecutor: To Investigate Eliot Spitzer's Long Reign of Abuse of Prosecutorial Discretion and his Failures To Pursue Organized Crime Involving his Associates.  ...
... RICO and commit countless mega frauds with impunity. Perhaps Mr. Cuomo will seek the appointment of a Federal Special Prosecutor to examine the decades long relationship of Eliot Spitzer to organized ...
43. Officers Hiding
... the demise of Bear Stearns, the demise (still in process) of Eliot Spitzer, the unfolding national financial catastrophe encompassing many financial institutions - the fall of the dollar - and inflation?. ...
44. Soprano Suicide Deja Vu
... retired NY State Trooper who was involved with the security detail for Eliot Spitzer , did not commit suicide as the media so quickly and dutifully reported like in this absurdity: Berwick hanged himself ...
45. Dreier Crime Family
... crime investigation . ( Those crazy Italians... ) Eliot Spitzer gains fames as the first of the Spitzer Family to get caught in a scandal involving the corruption of public officials by organized ...
46. Bankruptcy Pimp
... illegally scam tens of millions, even over $100 Million per year as they engage in Fraud Upon the Court, lying under oath in their written affidavits of disinterestedness.   Spitzer never did time, lost ...
47. Spitzer Family Values
Prosecutorial Discretion as Foundation of the Spitzer Crime Family Business Model There is no power more easily and profitably abused by corrupt officials than the selective enforcement of our laws.  ...
48. Gems from Blogosphere
... Cuomo Flew Home In State Aircraft: from the New York CBSlocal.com How could Andrew Cuomo justify doing an investigation of state aircraft use during Spitzer’s administration, and yet fail to do any investigation ...
49. Bed Sheets, Kleenex & Hookers
... Eliot Spitzer. Maybe, just maybe, the general public will wake up to the fact that organized crime has hijacked our Federal Bankruptcy Court system as they cleanse the misdeeds of criminals and divert ...
50. Lou "Big Daddy" Posner
... Update 2011 ************* "Ding Dong" the Pimp is Disbarred Oh my goodness, a lawyer is actually disbarred for his involvement in a prostitution ring. Maybe, just maybe Eliot Spitzer will have his own ...
51. Most Popular
... any of these lawyers any money. And while the special prosecutor is investigating, maybe he can figure out why Eliot Spitzer refused to allow New York State to perform any criminal or ethical action against ...
52. Spitzer's Dilemma
Spitzer's Dilemma: "Eliot Snoozer" 11-02-2006 Lawyer Practicing in New York Admits Advising That Death Threats Are Legal; Eliot Spitzer Snoozes According to bankruptcyMisconduct.com ...
53. Cases
... and their family members. Worldcom, Inc., et al. (included MCI) USBC Southern District of New York No. 02-13533 (AJG). Eliot Spitzer covers up the delivery of a death threat by a lawyer in what ...
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