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41. Color Of Law
... as well as general emerging trends:   Pendulum affect reversing the status quo assumption of absolute judicial and prosecutorial immunity Reactionary public backlash to immense economic damage by the related ...
42. Sleaze Tracker: Dewey LeBoeuf Swallows Demon Seed
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... and speculate on the future with respect to these firms. However, much of this commentary may be applicable generally to the legal industry and helpfull to DOJ lawyers, legislators, and the media. ...
43. Donna Sturman
... not property of the debtors estates, but were already stolen. “THE TRUSTEE RECOGNIZES THE VALUE OF DONNA’S ARGUMENT …(general rule is that “[p]roperty obtained by fraud of the bankrupt, or by other tort, ...
44. Andrew Cuomo
... young black athletes should be held to a higher standard than old white judges & lawyers. As if the NFL's Goodell working for a private company has more responsibilty than Andrew Cuomo as NY Attorney General. ...
45. Andrew Cuomo Protects Bankruptcy Mafia
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Andrew Cuomo Protected Organized Crime while masquerading as faithful Attorney General of New York. Cuomo covered-up Judge James M. Peck's wife beating crime so that he could continue his role enriching ...
46. Eliot Spitzer
...  Spitzer & Andrew Cuomo : Brother New York Attorney General who continued Mob protection.    ...
47. Minnesota Half Step
... ; John Marti USA MN ; Timothy Rank DOJ MN ; greg.brooker@usdoj.gov; jim.alexander@usdoj.gov; Office of Inspector General US Dept of Justice ; opr.info@usdoj.gov; Comments White House ; President White ...
... general public once light is shined upon the trainwrecks... Houlihan Lokey: What, you goin' Loki? Word to Alvarez & Marsal : Really? The employment roller coaster of Kelly Stapleton, Esq. is quite ...
49. Federal Dissent
... judges are admitting the ineffectiveness and outright corruption of the judicial process in the U.S.A. Even a former U.S. Attorney General has damning words about "Justice" in America: The Voices Grow ...
50. Lehman Brothers
... Attorney General of New York State was not going to let the midas boy of the Neo-Mafia go to jail, or even get fined. The prosecution of this slam dunk case was dropped faster than you can say "FireSale". ...
51. Preet's Potato
... General US DOJ ; Marily Felton Asst US Trustee NY ; Mr. Schwartz NY US Attorney office ; Office of Inspector General US Dept of Justice ; G Robinson SEC Fraud Division ; Robert Kolker ; Washington Times ...
52. Paul Bergrin
... when caught, except Spitzer? Why did Andrew Cuomo as NY Attorney General go so far out of his way so as to avoid prosecuting Eliot Spitzer for his crimes a governor and attorney general just previously? ...
53. U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft
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All of the following quotes by former U.S. Attorney General John D. Ashcroft: "No country -- certainly not the United States -- is free of corruption " "For example, in 2002, the United States ...
54. eToys Mania
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... the law enforcement and justice sectors to keep our own houses clean." -- U.S. Attorney General John D Ashcroft You might start with our Downloads section of files specifically delivered to ...
55. James M. Peck
Watch & Read how Andrew Cuomo - as the corrupt NY Attorney General / Governor wannabe following in the footsteps of Eliot Spitzer - protected wife beating Judge James M. Peck from prosecution and disbarment. ...
56. Conflict of Interest
... must choose between outcomes that directly benefit himself over his beneficiary, and this type of direct conflict includes what is known as Agency Conflict. Direct personal conflicts are generally prohibited ...
57. Preet Bharara
... which would put corporate executives in prison if one more WorldCom happened, like Sarbanes-Oxley. Then think about how none of the top executives of the bailout receiving Wall Street, Banks, and General ...
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