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21. Innocent's Imperative
... corporate bankruptcy cases are abused by Debtors' management and their "professionals", we believe that only the protections and safeguards of a federal proceeding will provide victims some chance to minimize ...
22. Kasowitz Fee Padding
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... to inform insurance carriers? Is there a duty to inform former clients who may have suffered from inflated discovery fees? Are there non-private clients, such as debtors under Federal bankruptcy protection, ...
23. Profiles In Dishonesty
...  Jointly Administered) INC., REPLAYTV, INC. and SENSORY SCIENCE CORPORATION, Chapter 11 Debtors. Date: May 5, 2009 POST-CONFIRMATION ...
24. WaMu WaMu
... of granting the lucrative position as lead counsel for the debtor in exchange for ..... Are the same lawyers who escaped incarceration for their Leslie Fay crimes involved again? Are these the same ...
25. Paul Traub
... need. So Paul Traub goes both ways. Not that there is anything wrong with that. Paul likes to be employed as debtor's counsel in a bankruptcy case but he also likes it when his joint partnership ...
26. Sleaze Tracker: Dewey LeBoeuf Swallows Demon Seed
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... they wanted to represent these conflicting clients? The list of conflicted clients starts with the debtor in possession, Aureal, Inc., and grows, according to HBD's own belated filings, to a number ...
27. Mitt Romney
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... property of eToys. Prior to this time, MNAT (as eToys debtor’s counsel) and Paul Traub (as eToys Creditors’ counsel), confessed lying thirty (30) times to this court deliberately to conceal their conflicts ...
28. Prosecutorial Discretion
... (which includes a broad range of persons including U.S. Trustees, private trustees, as well as a Debtor In Possession) is required by Title 18 of the U.S. Code § 3057 to report in writing every suspected ...
29. Donna Sturman
... happened to focus in on this particular conflict of interest tid bit: One should also note that, at this point in the Cases, the Debtors, Joseph Warren, one of the executors of the Muriel Estate and the ...
30. David Marshall Brown
... & Japanese, Inc., et al. bankruptcy cases.  Ooops, a false declaration in which Big Dave swore he had no connection with the Debtor and all of the parties, but he left out that his firm concurrently ...
31. WolfBlock
... District of Delaware; a "Debtor's Paradise" described by UCLA Professor Lynn LoPucki as the center of a corrupt bankruptcy industry headed by corrupt judges. But there are two things that the main stream ...
32. Jeff Adams
... The Court when he filed an affidavit in conjunction with his firms request to be retained as special counsel to the Debtor in the bankruptcy case of EAGLE BROADBAND, INC., et al.07-80605-G3-11 Southern ...
33. SONICblue
... of SONICblue, Inc. has been tragically marred by the misdeeds of professionals. Debtor’s counsel settled claims against it for nearly $10 million. Committee counsel settled claims against it for nearly ...
34. Federal Dissent
... "Next") because of concern about the current state of federal bankruptcy practice. Next was a small, private firm engaged in the business of purchasing and accepting assignments of claims against debtors ...
35. Lehman FireSale Fraud
One of the oldest tricks in the book, one of the simplest forms of bankruptcy fraud. After a Debtor files for bankruptcy protection, you buy the assets really really cheap. For much less than they are ...
36. Lehman - Examiners Report
LEHMAN BROTHERS HOLDINGS INC., et al., Debtors. Chapter 11 Case No. 08-13555 (JMP)   An "Examiner" was hired to use some of the estates moneys to write a report to figure out what happened in this ...
37. Preet's Potato
... also worked for Stage Stores, prior to eToys. Stage Stores was co-Debtor with Liquidity Solutions. As part of the confirmed Plan, MNAT, Traub and Barry Gold agreed that the Plan Administrator (Gold) could ...
38. Issues
...  sworn declarations are found the DOJ and Federal Judges often cover up the crimes to protect their brother lawyers. Quid Pro Quo - also known as the Business Model For The Mega Case Debtor Counsel ...
39. Quid Pro Quo
...  Oddly enough, these corporate executive criminals are still in charge of the bankruptcy debtor, even in instances where prosecutors may have started one of their years long investigations. These corrupt ...
40. Conflict of Interest
... that is in conflict with his self interest: The client can be beneficiaries, such as creditors and stockholders of a bankrupt company, and the decision maker is the debtor's counsel or trustee. These trustees ...
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