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... it seems must be suffering some sort of conflict of interest because we can't fathom why he's not talking for a deal). We have a new page COMING SOON devoted to our analysis of this neo-development, ...
62. Romney Stoned
...  Yo: Rohit, Maggie and you other Citibank players... You better think about getting your ducks in order. Get your criminal counsel now, if there are any experienced unconflicted ones left. Then get ...
64. JP Morgan vs. Dewey
... that the dirty managing lawyers from Dewey LeBoeuf are hiring up (a/k/a conflicting out) all of the best criminal lawyers in New York City? Will you be happy with the last pick of criminal counsel? ...
65. Innocent's Imperative
... brought criminal allegations to the Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance. We have no comment just yet as to whether Mr. Vance suffers any sort of conflict of interest which should force him to allow ...
66. JP Morgan Culpability
...  We believe that the prospective conflict among the partners will be even greater, and will grind salt into the wounds. We have predicted that lawyers would act logically in the face of prisoner's dilemma ...
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