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41. Donna Sturman
... s. Carolyn S. Schwartz, Esq. Office of United States Trustee 33 Whitehall Street New York, New York 10004 Attention: Brian S. Masumoto, Esq. Greg M. Zipes, Esq Re: In re Wa ...
42. Andrew Cuomo
43. Andrew Cuomo Protects Bankruptcy Mafia
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Andrew Cuomo Protected Organized Crime while masquerading as faithful Attorney General of New York. Cuomo covered-up Judge James M. Peck's wife beating crime so that he could continue his role enriching ...
44. Eliot Spitzer
45. Leslie Fay
... Beaudin Stapleton was appointed Managing Director for the New York office of MorrisAnderson, which describes themselves as a "leading financial and operational advisory firm" for the "middle marke ...
47. Lehman Brothers
... Judge Peck admitted hitting his wife to police officers at the scene just prior to his arrest, or that his wife was treated at New York-Presbyterian Hospital. You see, Andrew Cuomo as Attorney General ...
48. Paul Bergrin & Eliot Spitzer
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... throw under the bus?   To those "outer ring" New York / New Jersey licensed attorney Neo-Mafia participants: Yes, we know life is not fair. You're only making a declining six figures as an associate ...
49. Preet's Potato
... @sec.gov>; Robert Kolker <Robert_Kolker@newyorkmag.com>; Washington Times Mo contact <insidethering@washingtontimes.com>; New York State Bar Federal Judge <info@ndnyfcba.org&g ...
50. Paul Bergrin
... ion. Why are Barack Obama and Eric Holder beholden to the white organized crime lord Spitzer? Not to mention, Spitzer used New York State money and secret service protection while committing these c ...
51. Tri-State Crime Family
... may be closing? Did you laugh off the warnings of this web site years ago? Did you laugh off the press release , issued prior to his election as the Governor of New York, calling Eliot Spitzer corrupt? ...
52. James M. Peck
... Foerster feels compelled to give him a job. While an NFL football player can get FIRED for beating his wife, but a Federal Judge WifeBeater gets HIRED by #BigLaw According to the New York Post "Peck ...
53. Preet Bharara
54. Spitzer & the Neo-Mafia
...  as Governor of New York. Given the years of double standards, one for lawyers and corporations and another for the people, we have learned not to be too surprised by most of the outrageous element ...
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