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1. CA Bar **Revised** Complaint
(Download:HBD, Oaktree Capital, & Aureal)
This letter binds Christopher Cox, then Chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission - together with previously notified SEC officers Linda Chatman Thomsen, then director of the Enforcement Division, ...
... is a well known joke, we can barely imagine the dirt on public officials that Posner traded for his freedom. We can only wait for the day when a Federal Special Prosecutor can make the rounds to the former ...
6. Plandemic
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... #Shutdown and prohibitions against commerce, assembly & speech instituted by various government officials. As a reader of this site, you already know we hold no allegiance to fraud, conspiracy, duplicity, ...
7. NFL "beats" ABA
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... rney General conspires with New York City corrupt officials like Cyrus Vance to cover up Peck's crimes? We find it absurd that when a successful young black man like Ray Rice makes a mistake, ther ...
8. Absurdities
9. Preet's Epic Punts
... med federal officials violated their federal oaths by leaking the info to Corzine which gave him the confidence to commit the crimes. Judge James Peck - Admitted Wife  ...
10. Judge Lippmann
... ke you ask the important questions - because the effectiveness of this site depends on interested and concerned citizens, untainted officials, and mainstream media folk to get involved so that our nat ...
11. Preet's Perverted Peek
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12. Romney "in Play"
13. Fake Chance
...  punish the crooks who sought otherwise? Counsel's written opinion of the Pro Hac Vice issues, and the Committee's ability to urge other officials to do their duty to exclude dirt ...
14. Bill Schuette
... t are all too familiar with the embarrassing gap between the sworn oaths of public officials, and the ugly reality when prosecutorial discretion is abused as part of today's new business paradigms in o ...
15. Teflon Jon
16. Silicon Graphics
... , bankers, financiers, and public officials who are found complicit in the crimes at the firm. Readers of BankruptcyMisconduct are well aware of the far reaching scope of the Racketeering laws (RICO)  ...
18. Innocent's Imperative
...  which often protects dirty lawyers. At the end of the day, an organized and prolonged campaign to the district attorney's office, as well as to your elected officials, will ultimately prove to be a successfu ...
19. MF Global - Overview
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...  government lawyers in the offices of prosecutors, regulators, and judges. Sloth, incompetence, and quid pro quo corruption on the part of these public officials will not much longer satisfy a publi ...
20. Self Regulation
... ield the accused lawyers from negative publicity as well as the oversight that citizens and the media would normally hold against public and private officials. Attorney Self Regulation: Contributing  ...
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