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General Michael Flynn was Bankrupted by our corrupted Department Of Justice & FBI. Anyone doubting the transformation of those two vestigial Charlatans of Truth into tools to enrich deep state criminals ...
3. Haas v. Romney 2nd Amended Complaint
(Download:Haas RICO smackdown vs. Mitt Romney, Bain Capital, Traub)
... ) Private Attorney General vs. Willard Mitt Romney 311 Dunemere Drive La Jolla, California (and his many associates, hired guns, and hoodlums) Case No.: 2:13-cv-7738 SVW (AVG) 2ND AMENDED COMPLAI ...
4. Misconduct Complaint against Preet Bharara
(Download:Bharara's Pretender Legacy)
...  and New York State Attorney General, who engaged in money laundering with organized crime ring a bell.  ...
5. Anne M. McCormick joins DOJ Scienter on eToys Romney
(Download:Haas RICO smackdown vs. Mitt Romney, Bain Capital, Traub)
...  on the other side. Or maybe the 53rd Attorney General of Michigan is smarter than we first thought. Maybe Mr. Schuette has plans to smack down the dirty lawyers at Jones Day, given their known t ...
...  fascade of justice in the U.S. Imagine that your cousins in organized crime held various positions of power in the U.S. Department of Justice, and in various State offices of Attorney General. The ...
9. Criminal Referral
(Download:eToys Cover-Up)
This sworn letter to the U.S. Attorney General Michael B. Mukasey clearly identifies and describes criminal conduct by a certain "bankruptcy ring" as well as the willful failure to perform duty by certain ...
11. Guinea Bastard's New Clothes
...  Anna Ruch Karen Hinton Ana Liss Cuomo protected scores of brethren sexual deviants first as the New York Attorney General and later via his illicit control & influence as Governor of New York. ...
12. New Green Deal
(Frontpage Content/Frontpage)
... can't fight city hall, and Federal Government is about 1,000 times worse.  Just ask General Flynn or his son. Bill Nye the Science Guy has come out in favor of the New Green Deal.  And who among us ...
13. Preet's Perverted Peek
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... and sadly that is what "justice" in the U.S. has become. Traitorous lawyer scum who happen to work for the federal Department Of Justice or a State Attorney General happen to be mole bitches working for ...
14. MoFo Thanksgiving
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... State Attorney General Andrew Cuomo cooperated in withdrawing all charges and having the case dismissed. Now here is the Big Coincidence: Peck keeps his job & Federal pension while staying out ...
15. DOJ Fox Guards Henhouse
... we introduce you to a few of our #DOJ related items, some pagesare general issues, and some pages are about specific DOJ employees where are embarrassments to their oaths. You can click on any of ...
16. Goodell vs. Cuomo
17. NFL "beats" ABA
(Frontpage Content/Frontpage)
... rney General conspires with New York City corrupt officials like Cyrus Vance to cover up Peck's crimes? We find it absurd that when a successful young black man like Ray Rice makes a mistake, ther ...
18. Schuette Fears Giants
... of illegitimate legal fees and Schuette is actually chasing $200 crooks. He is sooo out of touch - Mr. Schuette actually brags about the $200 amount on the official Attorney General website. The optics ...
19. Anne M. McCormick
20. Catch The Whiff
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