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61. Officers Hiding
... and the bankruptcy process? Which of the following two scenarios is more likely: 1. A cop refers a terrorist suspect to the FBI? 2. A lawyer rats on another lawyer for making a false declaration, ...
62. Baron's Stores
... owners of Baron's Stores were stifled by the brotherhood, is there anything wrong with a lawyer failing to disclose a conflict?  How about when the lawyer hides his conflict of interest by filing a  false ...
63. Soprano Suicide Deja Vu
... of large law firms regularly violating the law by filing false sworn affidavits as they engage in Bankruptcy Rings, a form of organized crime just as illegal as a prostitution ring, but with a lot more ...
64. WebSci & the coming backlash
...  by R. S. Tare (a copy of which appears at the end of this page) : Just because they could conspire deceive and pillage under false court oaths tragedy's merchants feigned fair settling as ...
65. Fed vs DOJ
...  The Delaware US Attorney's office failed to disclose a serious, egregious, conflict of interest issue when a local law firm admitted to supplying more than 16 false affidavits that deliberately deceived ...
66. Gems from Blogosphere
... truth. Maybe I’m old fashioned, but I thought making false statements about your finances, hiding material facts, and exaggerating profitability were considered Fraud. Sure, the legal industry ought ...
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