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41. WaMu WaMu
... in a bankruptcy case files its mandatory affidavits requiring disclosure of all possible conflict of interest issues, any falsehood is a fraud upon the court. And there is no statute of limitations which ...
42. Color Of Law
... crimes fall into five broad areas: Excessive force; Sexual assaults; False arrest and fabrication of evidence; Deprivation of property; and Failure to keep from harm. Excessive force: In making arrests, ...
43. Bankruptcy Pimp Disbarred
... ring that was run by the bankruptcy lawyer Louis Joseph Posner, which included false statements to police, and making fraudulent charges against the police, results in the slap on the wrist of community ...
44. Sleaze Tracker: Dewey LeBoeuf Swallows Demon Seed
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...  its own retention. As such, each attorney for a party to one of these secret agreements would have aided and abetted HBD's false affidavits under criminal codes of accessory after the fact and misprision ...
45. Mitt Romney
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... misconduct we can confidently expect to find when disloyal lawyers cheat an estate is a violation of conflict of interest laws - accompanied by false declarations to a bankruptcy court: a Fraud Upon The ...
46. Illegal Grant of Immunity
The eToys case is an example of lawyers, and their organized crime associate, caught red handed in a series of criminal acts including Fraud Upon The Court. BankruptcyMisconduct.com will attempt to explain ...
47. Donna Sturman
... embezzlement, filing false statements, making false accounts, failing to protect books and records that were subject to discovery sanction in another Court, conflicts, fee agreement, which included and ...
48. David Marshall Brown
... & Japanese, Inc., et al. bankruptcy cases.  Ooops, a false declaration in which Big Dave swore he had no connection with the Debtor and all of the parties, but he left out that his firm concurrently ...
49. Leslie Fay
The Leslie Fay Companies, et al. USBC Southern District of New York No. 93-B-41724(TLB) The Leslie Fay crimes involve the former Bear Stearns and the most powerful bankruptcy enterprise in the nation. ...
50. Preet's Potato
...  To Whom it May Concern; Let it be known, that Paul Traub has already confessed to supplication of more than seventeen (17) false affidavits and deliberately deceiving the federal court in the cases of ...
51. Judge: Hide This
... any of the allegations written and sworn by Mr. Haas are false. It doesn't say that Mr. Haas incorrectly argues the law. It doesn't say that the alleged misconduct and crime have no bearing on the matter ...
52. Issues
... the strict requirement that bankruptcy professionals must sign a sworn declaration, under penalty of perjury and bankruptcy fraud, stating that they hold no conflicts. Sadly, when instances of false ...
53. Conflict of Interest
... converts the ethical dilemma associated with conflict of interest and converts it into a crime if a lawyer falsely swears to a bankruptcy court denying any association between any member of a law firm ...
54. Preet Bharara
... when they went after Traub. Traub, Barry Gold and MNAT already confessed to 34 false affidavits, deliberately deceiving the court as Traub (eToys Creditors counsel) planted his paid associate (and personal ...
55. CA Atty Self Regulation
... set forth in § 6068(d). See, e.g., Davis v. State Bar (1983) 33 Cal.3d 231, 188 Cal.Rptr. 441, 655 P.2d 1276 (holding that "the filing of false or misleading pleadings or documents is ground for discipline"). ...
56. Countdown
... the fact that MNATlaw firm has confessed to filing multiple false affidavits When we provided proof that Colm F Connolly was a partner with the MNAT law firm who has confessed to deception and false affidavits. ...
57. Private Trustees
... harassment, and criminal acts. In particular, false sworn declarations by lawyers are apparantly considered as ordinary course by the DOJ and are not prosecuted. Of course, if anyone of us was to have ...
58. Goldman Sachs
... in order to avoid their duty in the face of clear facts of false declarations before a court? How many States will become tangled in the web? Who among the Judiciary and the Department Of Justice ...
59. Pillsbury Winthrop
... long ago informed the general public that each time these BigLaw attorneys file a false declaration of disinterestedness in order to get hired as official counsel in a bankruptcy case - it is a crime. ...
60. GAO vs. DOJ
... Attorney's office failed to disclose a serious, egregious, conflict of interest issue when a local law firm admitted to supplying more than 16 false affidavits that deliberately deceived the DE Federal ...
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