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41. Goldman Sachs
... at maximizing the recovery on the Debtors various assets that were being liquidated. It turns out that not only were there false declarations (a criminal act) by lawyers saying that they had no relationship ...
42. "Books & Records" Fraud
...  corporate officer swore moneys were not owed to a particular creditor because the disputed amount was not reflected in the Debtor's "books and records". "Books And Records" Document Fabrication Schem ...
43. Pillsbury Winthrop
... of fee applications against the assets of the estate which failed to disclose same (a/k/a conspiring with a Debtor's professionals to hide conflicts and defraud the Court and other parties in interest) ...
44. GAO vs. DOJ
... se affidavits as the creditors counsel planted a paid associate in as CEO of the Debtor. The illegal efforts at immunity was offered to only one law firm (TBF) as the DE Dept of Justice declined ...
45. Baron's Stores
... by their former counsel, were a fabrication. Once again, a double ended prong pokes embarrassingly between the official attorneys for a debtor in possession, and a presiding Federal Bankruptcy Judge ...
46. Soprano Suicide Deja Vu
... Death? Loreto T. Tersigni, the bankruptcy professional who was involved in nearly all of the Asbestos cases and conveniently died as fraud by one or more of the mega case debtor estate professionals ...
47. Bankruptcy Pimp
48. WebSci & the coming backlash
... just by looking at every case where GE (or any client) had been represented by one of the Debtor's professionals. If the lawyer wasn't removed from the case so that every possible issue concerning the ...
49. Fed vs DOJ
50. Gems from Blogosphere
51. Lou "Big Daddy" Posner
... under the name LOUIS J. POSNER, P.C. at 305 Madison Avenue & the Lincoln Building at 60 East 42nd Street "Big Lou" lists substantial experience as a debtor and creditor lawyer in bankruptcy courts including ...
52. Most Popular
...  12/28/2005 Hits: 64 CA Bar complaint against the Hennigan, Bennett, & Dorman ("HBD") law firm in connection with their official appointment as counsel to the Debtor In Possession in th ...
53. Fraud & Abuse
... e Program. There appears to be criminal conversion of Debtor assets perpetrated by a criminal network under the watch, and with the assistance and full  ...
54. Roberta DeAngelis
... and other provisions of law, the United States Trustee has authority to review, comment upon, or object to applications to retain and compensate bankruptcy professionals. Chapter 11 debtors are author ...
55. Cases
... on No. 07-80605-G3-11. Another case of Fraud Upon The Court by an attorney seeking to be counsel for a Debtor. But in this outrageous case, neo-mafioso Jeff Adams, Esq. files a ...
56. Marcia Goldstein
The largest corporate bankruptcy in U.S.A. history was the MCI / Worldcom bankruptcy filed in the Southern District of New York, a/k/a "Debtors Paradise". The bankruptcy was necessary after an extreme ...
57. eToys & Mukasey
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