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41. Quid Pro Quo
...  other guilty criminals that other types of lawyers protect." - Anonymous BigLaw Executive Committee Chairperson   Bankruptcy Lawyers and Bankruptcy Courts Have No Criminal Juridict ...
42. Conflict of Interest
43. Preet Bharara
... t goin' away .... there's litigation in NY Courts about it How do you explain Eliot Spitzer's handling of the admitted Death Threat Advice given by a lawyer in the WorldCom / MCI ban ...
44. CA Atty Self Regulation
... n attorney's previous abuses do not become widely known so that his or her statements are then discounted based on reputation, means that misleading behavior is not deterred by the courts adequately, a ...
45. Countdown
... lines and within High Courts) that they are Above the Law and no one should dare challenge them "Or Else"! Director Lawrence Friedman of the US Trustee's removed Roberta DeAngelis ( see here ) ...
46. Private Trustees
47. Goldman Sachs
... lied under oath. Yet some bankruptcy lawyers and bankruptcy professionals file blatantly false sworn statements in Federal Courts with impunity. Worse, their bold faced, and admitted, lying is in furtherance ...
48. U.S. AG John Ashcroft
... U.S. Department Of Justice - was not only clearly aware of corruption in America's courts and the policing and enforcement sectors of our justice system, but he candidly admits that the vast majority ...
49. "Books & Records" Fraud
... uptcy rings, and is related to the corruption in our bankruptcy courts as identified by Professor Lynn LoPucki. http://www.press.umich.edu/titleDetailDesc.do?id=93480  ...
50. Pillsbury Winthrop
... w.r.t. investigations or prosecutions, etc. may be denied in accordance with standard insurance clauses. In otherwords, you can hide the truth from the government, the courts, and the bar associations ...
51. O'Brien's Dilemma
...  corruption involving the bankruptcy courts: ____________________________ ___________________________ ...
...  crimes by these organized crime syndicates largely disappear in the bankruptcy courts, with the help of further neo-mafia syndicate members.  ...
53. Baron's Stores
... ke a secret agent on the inside, violating all of their oaths to the Courts, the bar, and the Constitution. We've seen this sort of thing in the movies and on television. It is a very ...
54. Soprano Suicide Deja Vu
... and writing for judges" in one of the most corrupt courts of New York State, if not the nation. Wouldn't it have been just a matter of time for Cynthia to discover that one of her bosses was corrupt? ...
55. Bankruptcy Pimp
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