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Israel Weinstock can't get Justice to fight Crime
Details for Israel Weinstock can't get Justice to fight Crime
NameIsrael Weinstock can't get Justice to fight Crime

This interesting file is an affidavit by a brave man named Israel Weinstock, who apparantly holds "Old School" beliefs about Truth & Justice vis a vis Corruption:

two issues which are fundamental to the functioning of our society and particularly the judicial system: can the rich and the powerful evade and avoid prosecution for their criminal behavior by retaining "prestigious" and "well-connected" attorneys, and can those "prestigious" and "well-connected" attorneys who participate in fraudulent schemes avoid prosecution because of their "connections"?

BankruptcyMisconduct.com applauds Mr. Weinstock for deeming his own comfort less important than preserving the honest and noble pursuit of happenstance in the U.S.A. Please read his affidavit ISRAEL_WEINSTOCK-Affidavit_Motion_Rule_60(b).pdf and let us know if you find the bankruptcy system as the venue in which the alleged cover up of crime seems shocking.


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