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Judge Ronald J. Hedges Violates Mr. Tare's Rights
Details for Judge Ronald J. Hedges Violates Mr. Tare's Rights
NameJudge Ronald J. Hedges Violates Mr. Tare's Rights

You really have to issue a boner of an Order for it to be reversed on appeal.  Many an unfair and unjust decision is left to stand because only the most outrageous abuse of power is reversed on appeal.  And so we come to the subject of the bonehead Judge Ronald J. Hedges as he attempted to steal the Constitutional rights of Ramkrishna S. Tare under Color Of Law.

Please download the full decision here so that you can see how outrageous Judge "Haughty Hedges" was in this case.  Even as United States District Judge Jose L. Linares tries to protect his brother judge with gentle words, the outrageous conduct of Hedges is slapped across the face:

The Court also notes that the injunctive relief set forth by the September 21 Order undoubtedly implicates Tare’s Constitutional rights, most noticeably, his access to the courts. By prohibiting Tare from filing papers with the Court or sending correspondence to the Court without prior leave from Judge Hedges, Tare’s access to the courts appears to have been hindered.

Unfortunately, justice essentially became a moot issue by this point.  Mr. Tare's right to oppose criminal conduct of by a corporate banking behemoth was halted during the entire time that he was forced to fight for the return of his right to be heard in the bankruptcy proceedings.  While Mr. Tare belatedly won the battle, the underlying war against a "connected" neo-mafia was lost to the benefit of the clients of conflicted bankruptcy counsel.   This is an oft used technique of organized crime that operates within our justice system.  Bogus orders are issued and even if reversed, the crime family's interest wins by attrition and the criminal judge escapes punishment.

We need a Federal Special Prosecutor to examine the connections between the dirty Judge Ronald Hedges and the criminal conduct by a number of parties in this mushrooming WebSci scandal.  It appears that Mr. Tare also uncovered evidence of extensive Conflict Of Interest violations by counsel in the case, which themselves are but another instance of ostrich behavior by our lovely Smelly Kelly Stapleton.

Hmm...  almost like a theme.  Where there is crime in a bankruptcy case - there is often crimes related to Conflict Of Interest disclosure...


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