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Judge Rosemary Gambardella's conflicted stock holdings
Details for Judge Rosemary Gambardella's conflicted stock holdings
NameJudge Rosemary Gambardella's conflicted stock holdings
DescriptionGeorge D. Reynolds of the Judicial Conference of the United States Committee on Financial Disclosure  released to Mr. Tare, at his specific request, the proof of Judge Rosemary Gambardella having owned stock in Verizon.  Why didn't Ms. Gambardella consistently recuse herself from issues involving companies in which she owned stock, but instead employed a willy nilly decision method so that she stayed in control of rulings against WebSci and Mr. Tare?     

        BankruptcyMisconduct has heard rumors that a Judge deciding issues in the WebSci matters in favor of a certain prominent national bank was at the same time being sponsored by the very same bank at speaking engagements.  Show us the money.  Keep an eye on the documents related to WebSci here.
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