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Administrative Actions By U.S. Trustee Program
Details for Administrative Actions By U.S. Trustee Program
NameAdministrative Actions By U.S. Trustee Program
DescriptionNotice the scant few administrative actions by the DOJ against the countless numbers of private Official Bankruptcy Trustees who have been authorized by the Feds to essentially set their own income level as they extract their hefty percentages from the poorest and most defenseless of our citizens.  Yet, even with the extreme bias in favor of their brethren attorneys and other "professional" relations, some of the most egregious crap can't help but float to the top.  But fear not fellow citizens, unlike any ordinary citizen, the DOJ not only protects the identities not only of the accused, but the DOJ also hides the identity of those Trustees it finds guilty!  The names are removed to protect the guilty.  This is the Department of Justice?. 
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