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CoinkyDoink - Harvard Prof Arrested lying about Wuhan Virus Lab
Details for CoinkyDoink - Harvard Prof Arrested lying about Wuhan Virus Lab
NameCoinkyDoink - Harvard Prof Arrested lying about Wuhan Virus Lab

Of all the asinine questions asked of our POTUS, or the Covid-19 Pandemic star himself Dr. Anthony Fauci, the subject of the Harvard professor arrested for lying to the FBI about $50 Grand per month, and another million from a Wuhan lab or so is strictly avoided by our media.

Yes, that Wuhan Virus Research Lab / University. The one which is rumored to have patented Gilead Sciences (stock symbol GILD) Remdesivir for use against this new CoronaVirus.

And anyone who dares suggest the "related" arrests of a Chinese Army Lieutenant and another Chinese National caught attempting to smuggle a dozen or so vials of "sensitive bio material" is anything more than a coincidence is clearly a "Racist" - because China is again coincidentally perhaps one of the most genetically homogeneous nation states on the planet. So shame on you!

How does Academia, the largest recipient of taxpayer money & tax free subsidy in the USA, respond? They are shocked and outraged at the possible "chilling effect" the arrests might have on what they call "cross border collaboration".

It's almost enough to make us wonder if there is a problem of #FakeNews. How many years of freedom do US Citizens have left? We suggest counting the Lockdown as "freedom" because you have no clue what's in store once the Socialists take control!

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