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Fed's Ignored Roadmap for Financial Crisis Prosecutions
Details for Fed's Ignored Roadmap for Financial Crisis Prosecutions
NameFed's Ignored Roadmap for Financial Crisis Prosecutions

The Official Government Edition of The Financial Crisis Inquiry Report reads like a roadmap for any federal prosecutor who desired to bring the criminals behind our Nation's financial collapse to justice.

Preet Bharara ignores government report of guilty Wall Street executives who caused the financial crisis
Sadly, the DOJ is a sham.   Overt acts, and more importantly, decisions against action, are motivated by a combination of illicit motives.  The evil transcend mere political party offiliation.  Sadly, certain senior elements of the DOJ hold secret allegiances to Neo-Mafia of organized crime, ethnic / racial groups with an eye on the dollar, protecting their associates and attacking competitors of their associates.


Lower level pawns within the DOJ dutifully toe the corrupt line of abuse of prosecutorial discretion.  One could argue whether a particular prosecutoris a dolt, sloth, or merely a coward.  The result for America is the same.

Download Official_Edition__The_Financial_Crisis_Inquiry_Report__Roadmap_for_Executive_Prosecutions_Ignored_by_DOJ.pdf for free from BankruptcyMisconduct.
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